Website wont load

In case its a bug and other people are having issues, just thought i would throw it out there as it has happened a few times before as well. android phone with mozilla wont load the site. on computer now, same wifi and its fine. Just quickly stops the loading bar and page remains white. this time round its been like this for a few days now.

just thought i would mention in case its an issue with the site :slight_smile:

Are you using updated versions? It seems to load well for me on the latest Firefox version.

Should be, just go the phone a few months ago and downloaded firefox. Samsung phone, firefox, just tried it on that blue globe app “internet” and it wont load there either.

could be my phone, im not worried about it so no need to waste your time on it working for me, happy to use the computer. just thought it might be worth mentioning in case its on the sites side.

A few months is an eon practically. I’d make sure I have the most updated versions first, it’s a known issue with Discourse.

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fair enough. i still use photoshop 7 and am happier than a pig in poop…guess ill go update firefox hehe.

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