Websites in the personal info

I was just having a browse through the websites in the member list, and found that most come up blank. Actually when you put them in descending order, out of the 20 or so linked on the first page, Maoman’s and mine are the only one’s that link. Is there something wrong with the system? How many of them are dead?

I assure you that mine’s not. It’s just that because I have a free account at the time with lots of photos on my “site”, it tends to shut down because of it using up so much bandwidth. Note to self: must get up and running soon…if only I could squeeze it into my budget under essential expenses…

Amos, now I see what you mean…is that a script error since it seems there’s only a problem getting to people’s websites when you set the memberlist to show those with websites at top and bottom?
By the way, what’s the criteria being used to determine the rank and order of people’s names according to the webpage list on the memberlist? Is it by hits? How come I am number 107? :?