Wedding drinks

Can anyone suggest a nice place where I can take my friends and close guests after my wedding? It’s a lunch time wedding, so somewhere with a comfy atmosphere for the afternoon an on. Cheers, Amos.

Lunchtime? The Shannon?


try Rock Oldies.
Fushing b[/b] and Minsheng. (near the Sherwood)

If you call ahead they will make good for you.
They have a great lunch anyways.

Talk to Wendy.

I gaurantee they will treat you right.

Tell them Wasabi sent you.

Amos, I rented the ‘Royal Suite’ (basically their presidential) of the Royal Hotel, and it was great. Only 9000 (discounted from 36000) for the night and we were there from about 10AM til 3PM the next day. Maybe not quite what you’re looking for, but I recommend it for anyone doing a fairly traditional wedding here and wanting to have a bit of a party afterwards.


Thanks Guys, might check out the Shannon. Anyone know what the menu is like, as my wedding food is likely to be typical Taiwanese crap, so most of the waijies will be fanging for some chicken parmagana and chips and the sort???

Top of the Far Eastern Hotel (Shangrila) on Tunghwa b[/b]… Make reservations. Great view of Taipei at night over drinks and Jazz.