Wedding gift

Does anyone have any ideas what I could send home as a wedding present? I want to send something “Taiwanese” but have no idea what…suggestions please!

Go to the weekend market under Chien-Guo South Road–'m assuming it’s still there. Pick up a nice tea set or soemthing like that. Tons of Chinese (Taiwanese?) stuff to choose from. If you’re not good at negotiating bring someone who is.

It depends on who you are buying the gift for.

You are joking aren’t you? Nice tea sets there? What a cheapie you are. Weekend market or night market stuff might be suitable for a not-so-close friend or relative.

If you are looking for a quality wedding gift for a close family member I suggest buying some glassworks from Liuli Gung Fang on Tunhwa S. Rd. Sec. 1 (between Renai and Hsinyi). The stuff there is quite unique, beautiful and makes great gifts.

I always like the Handicraft market on Zhongshan near NTU hospital- Not the cheapest place, nor the “highest” quality, but good stuff nonetheless and plenty of Chinese/tawianese stuff to choose from. They will also pack it for shipping if you ask.

I just sent my niece a hundred bucks (US) in a red envelope.

Agree with Richard. Money makes a real nice wedding gift.


I agree. Money.