Wedding on the Web

This may be a little cheesy but…

For those who are interested C and I will be broadcasting our wedding live on the internet on Friday afternoon (3pm Las Vegas time - I think this is 7a.m. Saturday morning in Taiwan so maybe too early for most Forumosans)

Instructions to view are as follows: -
The website is, click on html then amenities, then web

casting. The system will prompt you to enter the groom’s name (brad emery).

Oooh! Cool.


BROADcASTED wedding?

how freakin las vegas is that?

awesome cool though

but slightly



Maybe just a little. It involves not having family present but kind of allowing them to share, so i thought…why not the crowd. Some of you are like family anyway; well as weird as my family at least!

Wait till you hear what time it is. He, he…

EA, as you probably know, most of your ‘family’ here on are not exactly morning people :stuck_out_tongue: , so expect just the chief and mois there (save us front row seats, please) and we’ll tape it for the rest of the family.


BROADcASTED wedding?

how freakin las vegas is that?

awesome cool though

but slightly



It’s gonna be like one of those reality shows … do they use helicopters to film from the air for broadcasting? :laughing:

I assume you’ll be leaving the camera on for the ‘afterparty’ if you know what I mean :howyoudoin:

hooray! Skip the wedding part and go straight into the afterparty!! I will be up for that :smiley:

OK, so hot news. The wedding willbe available for viewing at your leisure for a whole week, so no need to get up until your usual time unless you feel compelled to watch live?

Tyc00n, nice idea. I will make sure any future Mrs Tyc00n is aware of your plans for your own Wedding night!:lol:

Edgar, I tried many times and I still haven’t been able to watch it, the video just won’t load.

A bunch of us had bet whether or not Mrs Poe would come to her senses last minute and run away. So we have all this money on the table but we don’t know who won it :smiley:

Remember, when you come back you’re a married man. No more going wild at Happy Hours, no more kissing men, licking ladies’ bellies and wearing eyeliners, ok? You’ve had your fun, now it’s over.


we went through with it. Keep trying the site. Last person who did it successfully seems to have put brad emery in both first and last names. Seems to be more and more people getting in but we are puching the Bellagio to fix the damn feed!

I think those HH activities are ok if Mrs Poe attends with me?

Hey Ed,


Photos at password is 10620