Wedding Photographers


First a quick bit of background: my partner and myself are getting married in Taipei this October, she is originally from Taipei and I am a British national. We currently both live in London, UK. We’d like to bring our UK based wedding photographers (both British) over with us to shoot the event, but we found out recently that they may need a work permit? They’ll be flying home straight after and the photos are for personal use only, not commercial. This may complicate things, but they are friends of ours, so we’re not paying them but they are intending to bring all their usual equipment which might look like they are doing it in a professional capacity.

So my question is… do they need to obtain a work permit to take photos of the wedding? Would it be better for them to draw up a contract and obtain a work permit just in case?

The wedding is only 6 weeks so we need to get an answer quickly - any help would be greatly appreciated!

I think if you are not pay them, it’s ok.

As far as I know, there’s no issue if money’s not involved. If anyone at immigration asks, “we’re here for our friend’s wedding.” There is nothing illegal there! Given how much TWese people love photographs, I don’t think they’ll have any trouble.