Wedding rings in Taiwan?

My fiance and I are both Americans, and we’re going to be getting married in Thailand next year. We’re trying to figure out what to do about buying rings. We’ll only be in the US for a couple weeks before the wedding, and I know that’s not enough time to find the perfect rings, get them ordered and all that garbage.

I know that Tiffany’s is in Taiwan, but I’m not interested in spending a fortune. Actually, we are only looking to spend about NT$10-15,000 each on rings. I’m not a diamond kinda girl, but I’ll take a sapphire or two!

Can anyone recommend a jeweler in Taiwan? We would want 18K White gold or platinum, and he is going to want something more celtic in style. Does this exist in Taiwan? Also, we are in Taichung, but we could probably go up to Taipei if necessary.

Thanks for your help!

dear karen, look around yung ho. i know a store that’s not too bad near ting shi, next to the bread shop (wei yeh na). look at the grade of the diamond .toward Z sucks toward A is better. but you’ll probably never see an A grade here.