Wedding six presents six meanings

Can someone explain this? It’s about presents at a wedding I think. I don’t even know how to pronounce it.


Sorry but could you provide any context.

jie hun liu li

6 ritual wedding? is offering a Diamond wedding.

This is all I have. “Candy means your marriage is a sweet as candy.” I think there are five other presents and each one has a symbolic meaning.
Thanks for the pinying.

Dear all,

[quote=“Huang Guang Chen”] is offering a Diamond wedding.


Actually my take was something more like the 6 rites of marriage.


I recieved a little more information. (in Chinglish)

About Six presents

1.beetle nuts----have plenty field in the future
2.colorful candy —marriage is full love and joyful
3.dragon eye fruit----husband will be loyalty and concentration (won’t look at other girla)
4. ** —husband has bright careers
5.coal and**----having prosperous offsprings
6.basket with nails---- family have fortune and lots of sons

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