Weekday Tabletop RPG Group Kaohsiung

Hi.I am interested in a tabletop RPG group that can meet on a weekday. Open to different systems. Located in Kaohsiung. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Maybe you can PM the 2 guys who posted here for advice

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I’m one of those guys :slight_smile:

Putting my experience here for other ppl just in case:

I didn’t find / wasn’t able to start an active rpg group in english where i am (not in a big city/ work hours makes it complex), but i did join a nice D&D campaign using the new Zealand / Australia reddit pages / discord servers.

That’s the resources i’d recommend to find players in this timezone.
Of course that means online play rather than a real table, so it’s up to you to decide if that’s a dealbreaker.

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