Weekend Farmer's market + Cafe

Near here in Tai-Tung Stadium (Tiehua Music Village) - Google Maps

Also nice coffee at WOW cafe nearby, will also add photos soon.

Wow’s 邦查 Cafe(波浪屋2號倉庫) - Google Maps


Are you referring to Wow’s 邦查 Cafe?


This one?? Wow’s 邦查 Cafe(波浪屋2號倉庫) - Google Maps

Yes that’s what I’m asking! :grin:


Yes, great place and hope more will visit and try than the big coffee chain’s outlet across the parking lot. (Nice Starbucks but try local).

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That restaraunt is fantastic! Really good!

Not sure why people like starbucks…like a dark mos burger or mcdonalds, also just down the road. Poop food at inflated prices, pass.

Why would anyone go to Taitung Starbucks when Cheela is just up the road?

Wait—now that I think about it, maybe it’s better that all those random visitors are not grabbing the last seats at my favourite cafe in Taitung. :grin:



So tell us more, why is your favorite??

In @Steve4nLanguage’s wonderful around-the-island thread, I wrote:

In Taitung City (which is lovely at this time of year), try to stop in for a coffee and cake at Cheela (listed on google maps as cheela 小屋咖啡館 ). It’s a daytime spot, open every day except Thursdays (although I’m unsure what will happen with their hours over the new year break). I would cross the island to visit this place—it’s nearly perfect in every way.

Cheela has great sweets, great drinks (the Tibetan ginger tea is incredible), great service, and a lovely small garden in the back. I feel like a million dollars after visiting this place.

You can walk or bike there from Tiehua, btw, following the old railway path, now repurposed for bicycles and pedestrians only.

Highly recommended!



Looks like I will add places to visit, lots of nice cafes now in Taitung

I did not have time to Cheela, but next time in a week or so when i visit agian. Any other ones south of Taitung city?

I went up the road and walking around, really many nice places in town ans some new places I hope to try when I have more free time (too many places to try). Thanks for the recommendation

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