Weekend House / Jiufen but no tourists

Me and my wife have been thinking for a while to get a place outside of Taipei where to spend half the week. We originally thought of getting something in Hualien, but I went to Jiufen just this weekend and something like that kind of mountain town could be cool as well.

The issue I got with Jiufen though is that there are too many tourists. Are there any other mountain villages close to Taipei(within 2h drive) where one could stay half the week ?

Jiufen is more like a hill town than a mountain town to me.

Other than Wulai and the towns and area through PingXi on #106 towards Fulong, there are lots of places in the mountains east of Daxi, Hsinchu and Miaoli. But they take more time and effort to reach. Start exploring.

Maokong’s nice.

Maokong is too close, it is only about 30 minutes from where I live so it is not enough of a change of scenery.

2 hours one way?

You can try down towards the mountains near Guanxi or Hsinchu.

Xindian mountains. Heck, the area between Sanxia and Xindian has horses.


Sanzhi, hopefully one of those abodes overlooking the sea.