Weekend Only Night Market in Taipei / Xinbei

I’m looking for a night market in or near Taipei that’s only open on weekends. Any ideas?


Never heard of one. There are weekend day markets. If you don’t mind me asking, why?

yeah, why?

there’s an arty small market right next to Ximen station only open late Sat/Sunday, not sure about today.

Today is perfect for going to Keelung night-market early afternoon, and stopping off on the way back at Songshan station, and getting a fantastic lamb masala in Raohe night market…and walking to that Aussie cake shop to pick up something.

then there’s the market at Huashang Arts centre, only on weekends

if you want to go to Laoye in Yunghe, give me a bell and I can give directions for chicken, and korean…

There’s a new weekend night market near my place. It’s called the Da’an Garden Night Market and it’s on Da’an Road Shulin, about a 10 minute walk from the train station.

There’s wood fired pizza!

Am I missing something here? Why would anyone care if a nightmarket is open M-F if you only want to visit on Saturday and Sunday?

Just go when you want?