Weekend Warrior

It’s been a few months since my year membership to a health club ran out. I won’t renew until January next year because I want to use my lunch break for a test I’m studying for.

I’m just too beat to exercise after I come home from work and there’s no way I’ll wake up early. So I’ve been running on the weekends- one run on each day. I was really bummed out about the slow progress at first but then I started seeing some progress (after about two months). I ran the 10.6k Yangmingshan race last Sunday and did okay. I felt good throughout the course and passed a bunch of other runners on the hills.

Any other weekend exercisers? Can you get in decent shape this way? Things were definitely better when I spread out my workouts but now I’m starting to think that if I raise the intensity level a couple of notches that I can get good results. Maybe some push-ups, pull-ups, stomach work, and other stuff before the runs.