Weekly RPG group looking for players-Vampire


“Death is not the END,
but an EMBRACE into a World of Darkness.
Where we strive with the eternal HUNGER that made us,
lest we become the BEAST.”

Hello all,

I am Icy, a Storyteller looking to start a new Role-playing game weekly group, which we will play a game called Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition (V5 for short). In this game each player will play a young vampire hiding in modern city, struggling to feed their hunger for blood and navigate through the dangerous Vampire politics within the city for survival.

If you are not familiar with RPG, think of creating a character and play him/she out in a movie / interactive theatre, then you’ll get the idea.

I am looking for two to three players. The game can be run in English or a mix of Mandarin & English. I lived in Zhongli, Taoyuan, near National Central University. Or we can meet at a boardgame store near Chungli Train Station. Planning to run the game on one weekday night ( preferably Tuesday or Wednesday )7-11pm, which can be discussed.

If you are interested, shoot me a message and let’s talk. The game deals with mature and sometimes sensitive topics including violence, sex and moral & emotional conflicts in modern city night- Vampires are monsters, after all. But the game is also about self-discovery and a possible redemption in a desperate world. Better talk with each other before the game to make sure everyone will have fun playing.

Don’t worry if you never play RPG before- Both RPG veterans and new players are welcome. Feel free to drop me any questions. My email is losinggrip45icy@gmail.com

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Didnt even know the was a boardgame/D&D style of this, I remember playing it on PC and was quite good ha.



Yes, the PC game is based on the table-top RPG version of it, which was created since 1991. If you interested in trying it out just let me know!



Steady on, some of my best friends are vampires :zombie:



Charming monsters with supernatural-psionic power, I must add then.



Would be in on that, except traveling to the literal other side of the country is a bit much for me :stuck_out_tongue:



You’re in KS right? If you find a local group, let me know! I’ve always wanted to try this kinda thing :blush:



Too bad :frowning:

But hey, the sequel of the Vampire video game is officially announced today, coming in 2020!



For this you’d need a DM, personally never played a D&D paper based, but I know that a good DM is required so the game is good. As far as I can tell the more creative the DM makes his campaign the better and more fun it is.
An old friend of mine still plays, he said once he was having 18 hour sessions for weeks and still didn’t finish it, and that’s when he started playing everquest 1, before any xpac dropped, he still plays, met a girl on there ages ago and married her in game, then married her irl 2 years later.