Weekly Weekend Family Get Together


When we first moved to Shanghai, I established a Saturday morning coffee group - which radically expanded to around 20 regulars and an additional 50 or so which would show up 1x per month or so. Here’s a link to a well written article about the group.

As described in the article, the group became the destination for new expats arriving in Shanghai … We quickly established a pattern of coffee, and then going off to either eat, shop at a local large outdoor market, go race cart racing, etc.

I’d like to start something similar in Taichung … let me know if you are in / around Taichung and interested.

We are:
Parker, US Citizen, multi-lingual (English, Spanish & Mandarin, conversational French & German), have lived in several countries. Internet consultant.
My wife, Charlene, Taiwanese & US Citizen, English, Mandarin & Taiwanese, import/export.
My sons, Parker Jr, 7yo, and Kyle 5yo.