Weht kfc?

I find it curious that KFC doesn’t seem to be all that popular in Taiwan. In the PRC, a KFC sits on practically every block in the major cities, but here they are few and far between. Anyone know why? Do Taiwanese not care for fried chicken, or is it something they just get at the night markets?

I’m not a huge fried chicken person, and being from New Orleans, on those rare occasions when I do eat fried chicken, it’s Popeye’s or bust. That is the best thing about Hong Kong Int’l airport. I also remember Beijing used to have a Popeye’s, but that was five years ago. I don’t know if it’s still there. I won’t hold my breath waiting for Popeye’s to appear in Taiwan, although the Taipei Cajun Food Festival last year raised my hopes.

Yes, night market. There are half a dozen fried chicken stalls in my local market. It’s cheaper and better.

(I don’t eat fried chicken as I am afraid of my heart exploding in my chest, but I walk past and smell it, sometimes. There was a brief period somewhere between my teenaged vegetarianism and my adult fear of early death when I enjoyed such things without self loathing…)

yeah, that’s what I thought. Still, I imagined KFC would’ve been more successful here than it is. In the PRC, for instance, it is far more popular than McDonalds, which has made its menu more KFC-like to compete.

I second the Popeye’s vote. Pesonally I like Churchs Chicken even better…better side dishes by far.
In this town I prefer KLG to KFC. And both are well represented.

but…in taiwan hasn’t mcdonalds usurped KFC’s menu? half of mcdonalds taiwan menu was chicken based when last i was there.

but…KFC isn’t popular stateside either. i have never been to a busy KFC stateside. the yangmei KFC was actually pretty busy. but i only started goiing there because the mcd’s across the street was always packed.

The KFC in Asia (that I have been to) seem to suck and far inferior to what’s available in the US.

The Popeyes in the US is far greasier.

For Taiwan, I love that Japanese burger joint.

you may be right. Chinese do prefer chicken to beef, after all.

Walking around my neighborhood at night, you’d think fried chicken was the national bird of TW; it’s everywhere! :cluck:

What? Are you wishing it was The Condor?

What? Are you wishing it was The Condor?[/quote]


I second that. It’s way greasier and overall sloppy.

I thought KFC was pretty well represented here in Taiwan, no? And fried chicken itself may as well be the national food here. It’s everywhere.

TKK isn’t bad. A different offering anyway.

Wow, the $199 heart attack special.


there’s gotta be at least 8 trademark violations in there… :smiling_imp:

i’ve never yet been to a KFC here that didn’t have a lineup (although that is partly due to slow staff). i don’t go often, for any kind of FF, but they’re making money.

the mcd’s menu change was all about competing in a chicken>beef market.

I thought KLG was pretty much gone due to TM violations… they went to Malaysia there and took advantage of a lot of unsuspecting owners there.

Whenever I venture into a reasonably sized city outside of Taipei, like Suao or Chiayi, I see a KLG. Never seen one in Taipei, though.

KLG apparently stands for Kuai Le G: Happy Chicken!

I can’t imagine a “G” being extremely “kuai le” about being plucked, chopped up into smaller pieces, rolled around in coating, and dumped into a vat of hot oil so it can be devoured by humans. Then again, I don’t know. Maybe some chickens have extremely masochistic fantasies…

there’s gotta be at least 8 trademark violations in there… :smiling_imp:[/quote]

My boy spotted this one a few days ago in Siem Reap:

I used to enjoy KFC when I was younger, but moved away from the chicken pieces to the chicken based burgers.
I went to a KFC when I first arrived in TW and it was bloody awful greasy shit. A couple of years later I went to another one looking for a chicken sandwich and everything on the menu was cooked to order, 8 mins wait kind of thing, so that was the end of that also.

I’ve got pretty poor eating habits at times, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why people eat KFC dripping in that fat. I feel a heart attack coming on just walking past.