Weight and Diet and Exercise

I solve the problem by basically eating no veggies lol

you keep anything other than ice cream in there? :wink:

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Yeah, I wouldn’t have thought it’s worth freezing most things for less than a week, and the issues you mentioned shouldn’t really be issues on that kind of timescale either. I bought a cheap vacuum sealer a few months back and that definitely helps with stuff like ice crystals.

For stuff I’ve cooked myself, I’d say 4-5 days is probably my soft limit. At the upper end of that I’d be making sure I reheat it well though. I don’t remember getting sick from anything I’ve cooked and reheated, even after maybe 6-7 days in the fridge. I definitely wouldn’t want to go much beyond that though.


Probably need to replace our fridge because I think it’s too old to keep
Things as cold as it should

In the meantime our policy is to finish or throw out leftovers after two days in the fridge and nothing frozen over a week max ten days

We keep a pretty empty fridge just shop more often

Actually there is currently ONLY ice cream there
You guessed it


Eat hot pots and lunch boxes, then, with lots of vegetables.


A possible alternative:


Weight and Diet and Exercise? Icecream and Chocolate and Lounging. Thanks!

Eventually, sure. But you still use your freezer, yeah?

Yes we do but we shop for food two or three times a week a bit at a time as shops are not far so we don’t load it up

A friend has a nice house and he entertains as well so he has one of those big freezers and he has probably 20 to 30 choice steaks in there plus salmon etc when he has one of his poolside BBQ parties

It’s super cold industrial models
Things stay frozen in there for sure
We are on Costco run in a min at the Costco near the airport

There are three costcos near us but only the one at the airport has Pepsi with sugar

I like to get the famous or infamous dollar fifty hotdog and drink at Costco when I go there a couple times a month

The ones in SF and Daly City only has Diet Pepsi due to the city’s tax on sugar drinks so Costco there doesn’t offer sugared drinks with then buck fifty dog and coke


Not super healthy but an occasional dog is ok

Completely OT, but can anybody remember who it was who used to post pictures of stuff “with a cat for scale”? Are they still around? Search function doesn’t produce anything useful.

I have a feeling this may have been suggested before :wink:

@Taiwan_Luthiers, you really do have a terrible habit of having a Socratic dialog with yourself that brings you to the perfect solution, and then following that up with another Socratic dialog to find reasons why it can’t be done. If you can stop doing the latter, you’ll probably be a lot happier. You actually seem to have come quite a long way since the start of this thread - keep moving in the same direction and you’ll be fine.


Wasn’t that @jimipresley’s mate? Threadkiller?

I think it was. What happened to him? Is he still here under an assumed name?

Not that I know of. He’s helping take care of Presley.


Another thought about leafy greens - grow some. you might be able to grow it in a window, and you can just pick off some of the leaves as you want them and let them keep growing. green onion I buy like 3 times a year, and sprout and plant them after using what I need - so easy, grows practically instantaneously, and sooo convenient to have them always available. I buy new ones after they are used up and the growth gets sad.


The Danish pharmaceutical company that knocks out Wegovy is Europe’s richest listed company. They’ve finally found their holy grail.

Make people fat, then inject them with something to make them lose weight. Perfect business model.


… and if you can reduce, gradually or otherwise, rice pasta sugar refined carbs, etc.