If you live in the SongShan Dist, there’s a sports store that sells them on Minseng E Rd., about halfway between TunHwa N Rd and KuangFu N Rd.

I would think there are lots of sports stores that sell them.


HEY, thanks a lot great info, i will have a look, im sure i will find what im looking for there…



I’m sure this has been discussed before, but where can I buy free weights and benches around Taipei? used would be best. I’d especially like to find a home smith machine or squat racks and dumbells up to 100 pounds each. Thanks in advance.


Free weights are widely available at sports shops, e.g. there is one on Nanjing East Road over the road from the sports stadium (east of the Dunhua East Road intersection), one on Shi-Da Road and another I think on or just off Dingzhou Road near Gongguan Night Market. Unfortunately barbells here all seem to have screw ends instead of collars. It wastes a lot of time when adding and taking away weights.

Try also the “Where can I find…?” forum.


Hi, does anyone know where I can find a weightlifting bench and weights, preferrably 2nd hand?

Much appreciated!



Since people have so much trouble finding this stuff, Dragonbabe has been kind enough to scrounge up some info
on places to buy it. No guarantees, as this is just what she found by searching Yahoo Knowledge-plus in Chinese, but here is info for Taizhong (Taichung):


電話 : 04-5667100

公司地址:台北市建國北路一段69號 E-mail:service4777@chanson.com.tw
Tel:(02)2507-4777 Fax:(02)2507-9092

桃園分公司:桃園縣楊梅鎮楊湖路三段619巷16弄11號 E-mail:factory01@chanson.com.tw
Tel:(03)472-5152 Fax:(03)472-3383

You might need a Mandarin-speaking friend to call first for you to see if they have what you want.

She also says
“There is another store near Banqiao’s Wenhua St., near Hansheng W. Rd. (板橋文化路接近漢聲西路口處)”, and she
adds that “the weight training stuff is on the second floor”

EDIT: Just found another. There’s a chain selling fitness equipment called Sun-Pro (see sun-pro.com.tw) in Taibei, Gaoxiong, Tainan, and Taizhong. The Taibei store is on Nanjing E. Rd. Sec. 4., #21 (ph. 2514-8558). They do have benches and free weights, dumbells, etc.


I bought some dumbbells from a sporting goods store on Xinsheng S. Rd. directly across from the Taida campus. They specialize in badminton and tennis equipment but also carry some free weights. The store is on the west side of Xinsheng about midway between Xinhai and Roosevelt.


[quote=“In another thread, Dragonbones”]Here are some relevant threads for you to check out on exercise stuff in general:

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Where can I find gym equipment in Taipei?
Where can I find weight plates?


This is my favorite sports store in Taipei. They have a good range across most sports and are quite cheap. If you’re friendly, you can also get some discount. Located in Shilin close-ish to the night market.

Here’s the boss’s business card:


I bought my set of dumbbells from my local NT$10 shop up at the night market. They have one corner in the shop dedicated to sports stuff, like badminton rackets, baseball bats, basketballs and stuff like that and some dumbbells and weight plates… pretty cheap, too, I thought. Would have been good thoughf they had a barbell too. ut the dumbells are surfice.


There are many kinds of free weights and other sports goods on Made-in-china.com, welcome to visit anf choose the best one for you.


A useful sports goodsresource :laughing:


What’s the difference between a bottle of water that weighs 5kg and a piece of plastic covered metal that weighs 5kg?

What’s the difference between a metal weight that weighs 20kg and a sack of rice that weighs the same? Actually the sack of rice will be much harder to lift, I guarantee, because it moves around, and so you have to recruit a whole lot of extra stabilizers. I knew a guy who grew up on a farm. He’d never been near a gym in his life. He was kind of a big guy, though he looked nowhere near as strong as he actually was, yet apparently, he was like a tsunami on any contact-sports field. He tried out to be on the rowing team with no prior experience rowing and pulled a sub-seven minute 2000m the first time.

Likewise, have you ever seen any of those “strongmen”? I’m sure they hit the gym also, but plenty of them train (and, of course, compete) by just lifting big, heavy, awkward objects.

Have you ever seen guys who work at a fishmarket or ironworks here? They are seriously beastly, but they don’t go anywhere near gyms or gym equipment.[/quote]

I rescued this comment from another thread. It was made twice by two different people so it’s worth addressing in its own thread. Please feel free to chime in.

First of all, how farmworkers, dockhands, etc. got strong has little to nothing to do with the fitness needs of a 20-70 year-old city dweller. As a trainer, it should be obvious that when someone comes to me for training, I can’t suggest that they quit their careers and get a job unloading ships. Not gonna happen.

Second, many of those workers are strong, but not healthy. They suffer usually repetitive stress injuries from doing the same motions over and over again that break their bodies. Not the same as modern fitness protocols would have you train.

Third, water bottles and big bags of rice aren’t as compact as iron weights. It’s an issue of volume. You could fit 2-4 of my kettlebells in a one square foot space and get a lifetime of use out of them. A 40kg sack of rice is going to be significantly more bulky. And I seriously doubt you’re going to find water bottles that big.

Fourth, these irregular objects are great for training in some ways but they don’t offer the easy measurability of weights. When you lift weights, you know exactly what you’re lifting and a progression is easily planned. With irregular weights, it’s difficult to add or subtract weight, making them less than ideal primary strength tools.

It was also mentioned in that thread that body weight training could be had at a cost less than that of buying weights or joining a gym. Of course body weight training is great. I do it all the time. But not everyone is strong enough to work with their body weight in the variety of exercises that they might need. Weights allow a progression to the work that is hard to beat. They can use a weight significantly lower than body weight to get strong initially and use body weight if they desire when they are stronger.

The kettlebell protocols that I use mix weights and body weight training so that you can go beyond just using your body weight – an issue that stronger people will encounter fairly quickly.

I can think of 3-4 more reasons just off the top of my head. But this will suffice for now. Needless to say, water bottles and bags of rice aren’t about to replace weight training in any form any time soon.


Water bottles are what I carry with me when I climb the hill every day. My wallet’s healthy. I used to carry dumbells but you can’t drink dumbells.


Looking for 5 lb. freeweights that I can use at home to tone up the arms…would I have to go someplace that sells gym equipment or could I just get 'em at Carrefour (where I looked but did not find)? Thanks!


Why not just get yourself a couple of two litre water bottles? They’re about 4.4lbs each. Close enough. Fill them with rice or sand if you want something slightly heavier. Saves you the hassle and expense of looking for weights.


I bought 10,15,20 and 25lb. frees at Carrefour or A-Mart and they do a pretty good job. Using the same weight will get old quick but good for starts. Hard to work the legs tough so I walk the stairs in my building. Whatever it takes. :sunglasses:


I am in Jhongli-Neili area and I am looking to pick up some free weights and what not. Just as much as I dont like paying rent (prefer to own where i live) I dont like renting people’s gym equipment. I would like to purchase some of my own stuff.

I need:

Sturdy Lisfting Bench (I weigh like 100000lbs plus the weight I will be lifting, so this thing has to be strong)
Press Bar (bench Presses and squats)
Short bar for curls and such.

I would like to have the kind where you jsut change out the weight plates so I can get a decent amount of weight. All the places I have looked at here had these weird screw together things and no place had more than 20lb dumbbells (i need 40+) and they couldnt order anything larger.

Anyone know where I can find this stuff in the Jhongli Neili or even Taoyuan area?


If you going to get that kind of weight, you’re going to have to order on line. No stores are going to carry that kind of equipment here.

Here’s a set of Olympic free weights:

And here’s a sturdy bench at a decent price:

That’s the cheapest Olympic style bench I’ve found here.

That second link above was posted by a guy that sells bumper plates too, if you want those instead.

As you can tell, the prices are ridiculous compared to the West. Welcome to Taiwan. :slight_smile:


damn! that is pretty nuts on the price…in the US you can hit up Walmart and grab all the weights you could need and a bench for abotu 200usd. Hah thanks for the posts…ill have to check that site out a lil more and see whatelse I can find