Weird incident with bus driver


It’s good cash, but I have to assume the bus drivers are doing longer hours with much less rest in between shifts and get zero to no holiday. Have you noticed the few things open during Chinese New Year are metro, buses and convenient stores?

Labor intensive jobs tend to reel in more cash, but are much more rigorous and can be dangerous.


This. I don’t trust Taiwanese to operate a vehicle that isn’t attached to rails or doesn’t have an auto-pilot.


Yeah, I see lots of dudes that are driving at 0730 and I see them still on the road at like 2100 when I get back.

I’d get pretty friggin grumpy too, man.


Being grumpy is one thing, but running red lights, slamming on brakes with a bus full of people, then slamming on the accelerator… ?


Who here among us has never had a little road rage?


I suspect they don’t care. Being a bus driver here had got to suck.


They probably don’t and it probably does, but that doesn’t excuse them for being selfish cunts. Lots of people work long hours for shitty pay.

I’m not (ok, usually not) the kind if person to call customer services and try to get an offensive bus driver in trouble, but I’m also not going to make excuses for them and pretend that their driving is okay.


Not a lot of people have zero co-workers to converse with, work minimal 12 hour shifts and get zero holidays.

Yes, some of them are assholes and deserve to be reported, but if we have to put ourselves in their shoes. If you had to drive the same exact route everyday for x consecutive days, I think most of us would be pretty damn grouchy too. I won’t even begin to add how much disrespect some passengers may give the drivers…

I don’t care who you are or where you come from, no one is happy after an encounter like the one the bus driver had in this video.


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Many of the bus drivers have zero driving skills never mind concern for their fare paying passengerd.
Cant wait for automated buses.


Well maybe next century.


Unless everything on the road was automated, I’d be scared to ride in an automated bus in Taiwan. How the hell would you program an AI for that? The drivers would probably confuse it. No telling what the mass of scooters would show up as on the camera.


I have trouble believing automated cars are ever going to work period. :grandpa:


Haven’t you heard the Gospel of Travis? Uber will be our salvation! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: