Weird Murders

Gunshots No One Heard: Deaf/mute man kills deaf/mute sister and deaf/mute brother-in-law for trying to move deaf/mute parents…

I love reading weird stuff. I’m sure others do too. Post your odd homicides here!

Did he use a silencer anyways?

No need. The gun only makes a sound if anyone can hear it. You know… like the trees.

I agree. I’ve heard the trees before. Not a pretty noise.

It’s true stories like these that can get a reporter fired for doing his/her job. It sounds like an urban legend.

It doesn’t matter what it “sounds” like. It’s from a creditable news source and there are photos provided. Check the link.

I got one for you Josefus. I don’t know if it qualifies as murder but I’d like to share it with you since it’s somewhat on topic.

I turned on the TV tonight and as usual I checked out channel 18 first(national geographic), and there it was laying on the ground. The narrator was silent and some dramatic classical tune was playing. This elephant was obviously sick or had been attacked.(seemed sick) It could not get up but it was alive. A few lions approached and started eating it alive. They were biting at the elephant’s rear end and it kept trying to roll over or get up(obviously in pain)but it couldn’t. It went on like that for a part of the night I guess because the next scene was morning. The sun was rising and the lions were still feasting. A big male elephant approached the dying family member and they touched trunks. The lions weren’t bothered, they kept eating. By then, there was a huge hole eaten out of the elephant’s lower back. The big male elephant walked away but backwards and slowly for about twenty meters before it turned around.


Well, it’s certainly odd :slight_smile: