Weird Pirate Flag Over Flickr Logo

Just went into Flickr and noticed that there’s a pirate flag covering the Flickr logo. What’s up with that? Is it some sort of hacker thing?

PS: How do you copy and paste print screen items on here?

Is it to do with “Speak like a pirate day” ?

Today is indeed “Talk like a pirate day”. Ahaargh, me hearties. Let that be a lesson to all ye scumbags now, or I’ll have ye take a long walk on a short plank, at the tip of me trusty rusty blade. Alreet, then?

Pirates from Tyneside? I suppose there COULD have been. And it should be “Alreet then, pet.”

What I want to know is how many times a year is it going to be speak like a pirate day? Didn’t we just celebrate this last week?

[quote=“MotorcycleRider”]PS: How do you copy and paste print screen items on here?[/quote]I took me a screen shot ‘n’ rung it up de photobucket mast, argh.

Alreet then. Arl be havin a pint o’ brown.

ne’er was much good with typed accents. not like his 'Oliness Irvine Welsh.

“everyday is pirate day”, elegua (well, every day that is the 19th of september) some of us jumped the gun, erm, walked the plank a bit early last week.