Weird situation - To get I.D card or not

[quote=“Hartzell”][quote=“tmwc”]He’s an American seeking to come and work in Taiwan. He’s not an ROC passport holding citizen, unless he chooses to fulfil his obligations to his country and do his time in the military.

But if he had 5 years of residency previously doesn’t he qualify for an APRC?[/quote]

Sorry . . . . you have zero knowledge of Taiwan immigration law. According to the MOI, if you qualify for citizenship you are a citizen. Hence, he is an ROC citizen. Whether or not he physically holds a passport makes little difference . . . . . . .

Since he is an ROC citizen, so he cannot get an APRC. That “permanent residency” status is reserved for foreigners.[/quote]

I know of ROC Citizenz who work here on German passports with ARC’s Hartzell… so there is something amiss with your info.

He was born here and holds ROC Nationality, so he would not have to renounce his US Nationality. He would be re-issued with his ID card once he can satisfy the documentation to resume living in Taiwan. If he does that then he faces military service unless he can be sponsered for his ARC on his US passport.