Weird Taiwan dog saver

Now, I was a flight guardian for some Taiwan dog savers which my wife digged out from a local street dog rescue website and brought a bunch of dogs and cats to Germany, 4 times so far, always 3 animals. All was smooth until recently, when wife, a few Taiwanese (all beautiful Taiwan xiaojies with golden hearts, I love our meetings :blush:) and Bob H. here started their own Taiwan street dog rescue. We have re-homed 3 dogs in Taiwan so far (pure breeds) and have sent 1 to Canada (to a friend from a friend and have received many photos until now to make sure the little dog has a great life in a big house with a Golden Retriever buddy) and 4 to Switzerland (to a dog enthusiast and dog saver in the mountains).

Now we have asked our local Taiwan dog rescue contact for help regarding how to ship, but she harshly refused. No problemo, me German so I can read German language websites and we still managed to get the dogs to Switzerland. Happy end? Not quiet.

Now the local Taiwan dog savers I was flying for seem to have a head honcho big boss Taitai in Germany who lives there a long time (she is Taiwanese) and she starts to threaten us. Saying we would sell the dogs for lab experiments (1. we don’t sell, we cure and gave them away for free. 2. We carefully checked to whom, definitely not to labs) and threatens us with police in Germany (unfortunately she knows my old parents address) and with lawyer and even says she wants to stalk my parents. Psycho-Taitai in action.

She issues statements like “Only I can send Taiwan dogs to Germany, only me and if one day I stop nobody else may do it.” So a rather egocentric lady, I guess.

She says she wants to stalk and bother us until we give the final destination of the dogs to her and then send her lawyer after the adopters to “check them out”.

But clearly, with such strange behaviour, I do not want to give any info or addresses to this … Taiwan island flower growing on Teutonic soil.

Any ideas? I am starting to worry for the nerves of my old parents being stalked by an Alien from the Tailight-Zone. :astonished:

How to solve this? Didn’t think rescuing dogs can bring such a hassle with locals here in Taiwan.
But what is the Ferengi saying: No good deed ever goes unpunished.

Ah yes, we are

[so I have our Xiaojies sharpening their fingernails and ask them to put on their sharp highheels to kick some ass, if they bother us here in Taiwan…]

Just keep a record of all her correspondence, pass it on to your local contacts and tell them they’ll need to find someone else to be a courier for them. I imagine they’ll soon get in touch with your “stalker.”
Or just tell her to back the fuck off or risk getting her legs broken.

This head honcho was our contact to organize things, we just met the locals at the airport…

BTW, the Swiss guys suspected us to be drug smugglers in the beginning, but by talking to them :ohreally: :blah: I could take away their worries. However, this Taiwan lady behaves like one of the crazies on the TV and I fail to see how a discussion should be possible.

Why don’t people understand, I already have one Taiwan woman, I don’t need to deal with a second one.

:bow: :bow: :no-no: