Weird thing in Google

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Try typing the word doomsday into Google. I got a stranger than normal output, with dividers across the page putting the output into sections or something. As far as I know, it only seems to happen for this particular keyword.

I’m wondering if this happens for other people, or if there are other keywords that give this odd results page.

Here’s a jpeg of the Google results page I got.

Your results’ page looks somewhat different from what I got. Yours is fancier, you shouldn’t complain. :wink:

I also get the dividers (tried Opera and IE).

I’ve think I’ve seen that with other words too, can’t remember which ones now.

Why were you looking up “doomsday” anyway ? Doomsday is coming :runaway:

Notsu was probably typing it in wrong.

i believe that line seperates paid and unpaid entries.

if you search for “the do me rights”

without the quotes, it has divider bars too.

I think it’s just trying to seperate your results into different categories because it doesn’t know which of those categories you are searching for

Try entering failure and then click the “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button.

I just found another keyword that does the same: “fulla”

It does seem to be a categorization feature similar to those used by several other search engines that try to deliver more relevant results. But those other engines nearly always tout this feature - Google doesn’t. And the others seem to use this sorting much more often than Google. And strangest of all, with Google it doesn’t do it for “java” which is the ubiquitous example employed by the sorting search engines to explain the utility of the feature.

It’s nobody’s business why I was typing in ‘doomsday’.


Actually - it was almost totally random. I was just trying to find a keyword that returned the same number of results as ‘desertification’ in order to finish a thought for an article I was writing. That sentence never survived my edits anyway.

As for ‘fulla’ - try it and see.