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BFM, waaayyyy to much cuteness…

where’s that water-pistol?

[quote=“Icon”]BFM, waaayyyy to much cuteness…[/quote]No such thing as “too much cuteness”.

[quote=“TheGingerMan”]where’s that water-pistol?[/quote]He has pew-pew lazers.




tofulator.com/2009/04/29/rud … -awakening

Too wimpy


Crank It UP!

Link isn’t working, TC.

Worked for me. (using Internet Explorer)

It worked for me. It was kittens in an animated boat (2 second loop) with Viking helmets, with The Immigrant Song in the background. A worthy use of fossil fuels and no mistake!

‘Mummy, why is all life of earth extinct bar humans and cockroaches and why do we live in a treehouse in Nantou, scavenging meagre roots and berries in the blackened air?’

‘Well, in the early 21st century, all the earth’s resources were burnt up by people posting kitten vids and wondering how to get it on with Taiwanese girls on this information system called ‘the internet’!’

Hey, worked this time.