Welcome to the Business & Money Forum! :smiley: And a big welcome to Stragbasher, the poster who most recently proposed the forum (it had been considered for quite a while now), and pushed hard for its creation. Maybe pushed a little TOO hard - I made him the moderator. :notworthy:

This forum will, I hope, become a valuable resource, so we want to keep it fairly strictly moderated. “Fluff” comments will most likely get routinely pruned. Thanks to everyone who helped in creating this forum, and a very big thanks to all those who offered to moderate/contribute to the forum. Your offers will be remembered and probably come back to haunt you in the future! :bow:

PS There are many threads out there that rightfully belong in here - if anyone sees them, please PM me with the links and I will move them right on over. :scooby:

I hope you set off a nice long string of firecrackers to mark the opening of this forum, to safeguard us from malign influences in our financial and business affairs.

I guess that means Sandman won’t be allowed to post here. :wink:

Sandman is welcome to post here, as is anyone else with questions or something to contribute.

I’ll try not to let my new super-powers go to my head, but give me time to learn how to use them for good. At the moment I don’t know my own strength, and I seem to have accidentally deleted Sandman and Bassman’s first postings here. Oh well!

Thanks for the expressions of goodwill. Now, let the game begin.