+: Well-educated/multilingual -: A-social/unconfident

What’s good about this guy:
This Italian friend of mine is well-educated: Masters degree and being multilingual, he speaks various languages (fluent Italian, Spanish, French, conversational English and conversational Chinese), even taking Chinese courses at TLI now (upper-intermediate level).
He has been married with his Taiwanese wife for almost 3 years now, but he can not get a Joint Family Resident Visa, because his government keeps giving him trouble.

What’s not good about this guy:
-He likes to study, and a result of that he has very poor social skills. He often does not know what to talk about.
-His self-confidence is somewhat below zero and he believes he will not be able to find a decent job here in Taiwan or perhaps even in China.

He wants to work legally in Taiwan, but does not have any clue where to get started. Having a marketing background, he would like to look for a job in a similar field. Any suggestions, what he could do/where he could find a job?


This comes back to the question of whether or not this fellow is a “foreign spouse” and what exactly are the employment laws regarding a “foreign spouse” in Taiwan.

Does this fellow have a resident visa based on the status of being married to a Taiwan national?? If so … then that is a good start.

According to the Employment Services Act such an individual does not need a work permit to work in Taiwan. Hence, first he needs to find an employer that wants to hire him …

Then, I would suggest writing a letter to Legislator Lai, Shyh-Bao ly.gov.tw/ly/01_introduce/01 … 07&stage=6

He should ask Legislator Lai to confirm with the Council of Labor Affairs that he needs no work permit based on his status as a “foreign spouse.”