Well I never!

Not sure if this has been posted before but…

Take a look at Forumosa on Wikipedia. You might be surprised to find out who the admin is.

Well done Wiki!

So it’s apparently possible to post on Forumosa years after one’s death. Great! :laughing:

However, I’m wondering if this interferes with the eternal cycle of death and rebirth:

Mighty transcendental entity: “The time has come for you to be reborn…!”
Me: “Could I have another 5 minutes? I’m just in the middle of a discussion in the IP forum”
MTE: “It is your karmic destiny to be reborn NOW… in Afghanistan!”
Me: “Er… OK, but… would it be possible for me to remember my username and password in my new life… please?”

Not only do I sure a first and a last name with painter-boy, but also a middle name! My parents swear they were unaware of that when I was born… :ohreally: