Wendel's German Bakery and Bistro


Michael Wendel’s new place looks great! Unfortunately, I haven’t been since he’s moved shop, but I will soon! Click here for the review in today’s Taipei Times, and here for the photo… :beer:


Gosh, that looks like real bread!!

Why is it in Tianmu, I hardly ever get there…or does somebody from Tianmu work in Taipei and would care to bring me my croissants in the morning?..=)


Croissants!? They aren’t German as you surely know! :no-no: :wink:


Of course I know that, but I suppose a German bakery can make better French croissants than a Taiwanese bakery…or am I wrong?


Given the bread sold at the local bakeries even I could to better … :smiley: Not sure though if Wendel actually makes them.

Ok. ( :wink: )


I wonder if he does bretzels with the salt crystals on them. And some weisswurst. And some sweet mustard. And a glass of weissbier.
Best. Breakfast. EVER.


I live right down the street from Wendel’s and the bread is outstanding – I mean, it actually tastes like western bread. In fact, I buy all my bread from there. The desserts closest to the door are made by a Taiwan company and are lacking flavor, like most cakes here, but Wendel’s does have their own desserts which are good.

As for the Bistro portion, the food is pretty common “Western” food, schnitzel, pig feet, and some pastas. Overall it is pretty good, but on the couple occasions I have went the service has been horrendous, even by western restaurant in Taiwan standards. I would recommend the place, but hopefully no more dishes, such as fired-rice and Kung-Pao chicken will slip onto the menu.


I wonder if you’d be so kind to pop in and ask about the bretzels for me? I live at the complete other end of town and Tianmu is so far away its like another country for me. But I’d make the trip if he was baking them (and serving them with weisswurst).


Do not go there for breakfast unless you want to be late for work. :fume:


Used to buy all my bread / baking at Wendels but stopped.

The lady who is co-partner with Wendel - the older one with the heavy eye make-up is such a miserable witch who acts like shes doing me a favor by selling me bread - no more business for that place.

We Care is a chain. Admittedly Wendels does have some better stuff but I won’t give momey to people who act that way. So, I go to We Care from now on.

I’ve always wanted to spread the word on that crusty-excuse-for a business owner and now here’s my chance. Whoopee :bravo:


Wendels has the best sour dough bread I’ve found in Taipei but we still buy our other breads from We Care due to location and price.


Sandman, yes, Herr Wendel does the pretzel thingies, albeit a little sub-standard in size, but they taste great, especially when fresh!

All in all, I have to second what’s been said already: great bakery-products incl. bread, rolls, cake (super banana cake, wonder whether these are German bananas!!! :slight_smile: ) etc. (as long as you stay away from the stuff in the window-display …), but the service more than sucks! We’ve had to leave unserved on repeated occasions because nobody came to take our order after 25min or longer, mostly when sitting out on the porch, most annoying! :raspberry:

Still, congratulations to Michael Wendel for expanding into such a successfull business, the place is busy any time I drive by or go there to bread-shop! Just improve on the service and everybody is happy!


Looks like I’ll need to make the trip and get a bunch for the freezer.


We had the General Annual Meeting of the Swiss Association there tonight, outstanding buffet, appetizers, main courses and of course the Desserts were all absolutely outstanding and can highly recommend the place to anybody for functions. Service not that great but we had a busy function and they improved that since my last visit, sure Mesheel can second that. Well Done Michael!


Yup, very good dinner, especially the desserts. Thank you very much, Michael. Nice to have finally met you.

Only regret: I forgot to buy bread on my way out… :frowning:


Only regret: I forgot to buy bread on my way out… :frowning:[/quote]

Women! :laughing:


Maybe even better. The staff in that bakery is the slowest I have ever seen in Taipei. The bread is great though.


I was at Wendel’s today at lunchtime with 9 other people. The food was ok, but the service was atrocious. When I found out that the breakfast menu wasn’t offered after 11:30 am, I decided to keep things simple and just order a coffee, although everyone else was ordering full meals. About 20 minutes later, I get a latte. I informed the the waitress (I was told by the cashier that her name was Vangie) that I had ordered a coffee, not a latte, and she told me that I was wrong, that I had ordered a latte. Even when the guy next to me confirmed to her that I did indeed order a coffee, and not a latte, she still said that I was wrong! :astonished: So she leaves and comes back in a few minutes with the same freaking latte! I say, look, this isn’t what I ordered, but if you can’t organize a single cup of coffee, I’ll drink it. But I’d rather have the coffee… In the meantime, she mixes up pasta dishes with another two customers and blames them when they complain! :noway: Meals came at very different times from a handful of different servers, no one knew what meal went where, water glasses were not brought until asked for several times, service was sloppy and surly. At the end of the meal, I looked and sure enough I was charged for the latte that I never ordered and the coffee that I never got. :fume: I told the waitress that it was bad enough that she can’t get a single order of a cup of coffee right within a half hour period, but charging me extra for a drink that I didn’t even want was really rubbing it in. I told her to go and fix the bill, which she did with the sourest look imaginable on her face - probably not the best way to earn a tip on a bill that was 4k. Mr. Wendel, some staff re-training is in order…

To end on a positive note, however, the food looked very good, and although nobody in my party was impressed with the service, everybody seemed to be happy with the quality of food. It would be nice if they could extend the hours of their breakfast menu a little later on weekends, however…


Despite my unhappy experience at Wendel’s last Sunday, they do make great cakes! This wedding cake was specially designed by Herr Wendel himself for my wedding last summer. It was as delicious as it was beautiful!


Which one is the cake?