WePad vs the iFad

A worthy contender is being brought to market from Neofonie GmbH.

Coming from Germany: The Wepad tablet PC


Neofonie Unveiled WePad: The Latest Generation of Tablet PC



Who Pad? WePad?

Helmut Hoffer von Ankershoffen, founder and managing director of Neofonie GmbH, displays a WePad device at its debut yesterday. The tablet computer takes aim at the iPad, offering multitasking and connectivity that Apple’s device lacks.

Looks like its going to be a competitive market which will benefit the end-user.

The first of many I am sure - I think I’ll wait for one where the CEO is not quite as unattractive :whistle:

I think this is great, along with Google’s tablet.

That said, specs don’t make a great experience. As I’ve said before, I use an Android everyday, but I love using my iPhone more.

If somebody really wanted to, they could make an android device into an apple device that works properly :slight_smile:. I actually have a skin of iPhone keyboard on my android phone(the default Android one sucks).

yah but it will still not be as snappy, simply because the backgrounding still gets in the way. as an example, i have no qualms spreading my icons across 9 screens on my iphone based on usage frequency/type of app or something because you can either short swipe 8 times or setup double tap home to search and type in the app name quickly.

the search is ok on the android, but try to do the 9-screen thing with any android, even with just icons, no widgets and the active wallpapers turned off. it’s still hella slow in comparison. i have tried with the “crazy fast” cyanogen rom with my milestone overclocked to 1000 and it still wasn’t fast enough.

that said, i wouldn’t give up my android phone for everyday use given how functional and flexible it is, but i just wish it “felt” better.

The reason you didn’t notice a difference when overclocking is because it is impossible to overclock a Milestone. Overclock needs unlocked bootloader. I am also curious as to how you installed cyanogen mod on it again because of the locked boot loader preventing custom roms.

As for 9 screens, if you are not using widgets why would you ever want to scroll across 9 screens of icons when you can just bring up the application menu to swift scroll alphabetically or type the first few letters of the application in the google search widget. I think the Milestone runs similar to an iPhone 3g, and find my Nexus One to be as responsive as 3gs stock and even faster once I installed Cyanogen.

Would love to get a link to instructions to OC Moto Milestone to 1000. I can only see instructions for Verizon Droid.

So the JooJoo (aka Cruchpad)

So the JooJoo (aka Cruchpad)[/quote]

LOL loved this

Clearly they haven’t seen the Wepad CEO yet!

jashu & dj,

hmm?! i have not had the phone the last couple of days, so maybe i have no idea what i was looking at! how embarassing. i gave it to my collegue to mess with last week, thus running into the wave secure protection i mentioned last week. i will ask him tomorrow what he did.

he showed it to me the other day and it looked exactly like a cyanogen rom i saw with the nexus gallery, launcher, etc. he said he did the t-mo fake then bought and put the overclock app on it.

i rooted this phone awhile back to get the wi-fi tether onto it and assumed it was all good. i was not aware it had a locked bootloader, but then this makes me wonder how the rom was running on it. i will be really pissed if this thing can’t run roms. my buddy is good, but breaking the encryption on a locked bootloader is a whole other thing.

on the 9 screens on iphone, the reason this is faster than the android app tray is because of the discrete pages on the iphone. this means you can categorize and put icons on each of the screens and get to the desired app by its “location” from memory. for example screen 1 is basic phone stuff, screen 2 is social networking, screen 3 is location stuff, etc.

in effect, getting to each app becomes a gesture that looks like [swipe,swipe,swipe,upper right]. this is extremely fast and intuitive, and more so if you use your index finger and middle finger in a “walking” motion down the screen. so this goes to [step,step,step, upper right]. try this, it’s really fast. to get to another app, you can either swipe from where you are, or just use the home button to return to home, and “walk” again.

doing this plus putting the most-often used apps in each category on the top right and and top middle right slot on the screen makes it super-duper fast to get to the stuff you use most. i should post a video on youtube or something about this because this has really made me like using the iphone and i think it might be helpful to people. you can also do this on an android, but it’s slower to go from page to page and furthermore since the homepage is in the center of the trays, you can’t “walk” unidirectionally.

the android app tray is a continual scroll which in my experience actually makes things slower because you have to either be precise with your scroll and/or actually look. and having to look and identify really slows things down.

searching for the app is ok in concept, but i found it either resolves slowly on the phone, and furthermore is not a fluid gesture like you would use on the iphone.

on the iphone i have my homescreen filled and then the rest of the stuff categorized. on the milestone, i had the homescreen filled and then 5 screens with a horizontal “slot” of no icons on the third row because the thing was often lagging enough to mis-click icons during swiping without this slot in place.

i won’t even go into needing to have a damn app killer on the android as a “check valve” when things are stalling.

that said, i still love my android for what it can do.

ok i’m feeling pretty stupid here. you guys are absolutely right.

it’s a “pulsar rom” which is basically not actually a new bin, basically a bunch of well picked apk. it looked exactly like the cyanogen build that i saw on a droid in the states so i just assumed it was because it wouldn’t make sense to run anything else. we also confirmed that setting the slider to 1000 just ends up with it just staying at stock. he just assumed it had worked.

i am so sad that this phone has a gate on the bootloader. there seems to be some guys in finland who were working on cracking this bootloader, but no dice so far, and it’s been long enough now that they probably gave up. there are also guys claiming to load “custom roms” on the thing, but they are just nandroid backups which obv just means people are swapping existing region roms.

how much is that htc-branded nexus one gonna go for? if the damn google softkeyboards weren’t so crappy i could deal without the dedicated keyboard… how are the htc keyboards?

the whole thing about this that i then thought about is why does these android phones need to be cranked up to perform like a 3gs which has relatively modest hardware?

one thing i have always been surprised with on osx is how well it uses resolution. despite macbooks having modest resolution specs, it still feels roomier than a windows laptop at the same resolution. full control at work again. even microsoft, who was about letting people party on an open platform with open hardware specs is reported to be taking a semi-closed strategy with windows mobile 7.

while i am 100% for openness, seeing what this has helped drive from academia to commercialization out of places like the mit media lab, i have always been skeptical whether that approach can ever create optimal experiences. businesses and academics can deal with “not-niceness” but consumer products have to be polished.

so i guess it depends if you view these phones as computers or consumer devices.

The reason you have to overclock is simple. A droid comes stock underclocked. Its processor is meant to be 550mhz. If you use a set cpu terminal command to 550 it will be vastly more responsive. A 3gs comes clocked at 600Mhz. The 3gs is simply a faster device. If you clocked the iPhone down to same specs, you would see similar performance. On the other hand, the N1 has a 1000Mhz processor. Out of the box it is snappier than a 3gs. It also has more RAM which means it stays responsive even when running multiple tasks.

The key thing to understand here: Android is only the operating system. It is only as good as the hardware that it runs on. You can’t compare an iPhone to an “Android Phone” because there is no one standard for android hardware.

yah but the point is the end user could care about the specs. they only care what they can do with it and how well they can do those things with it.

even then, you obviously cannot compare hardware performance potential based solely on processor clock rate, even if you are talking ARM A8 vs ARM A8 as is the case here for milestone vs 3gs. the bus execution, i/o, memory, even the complier/assembler combo all affect the total performance. even if you could do this, 550 v 600 is a 9% difference - the milestone feels way more than 9% slower than the 3gs. bringing the nexus into this and you can’t go directly clock for clock for the obvious reason that it’s not exactly an ARM A8.

the other thing that apple has is full control of the entire stack all the way from the programming language down to the abstraction layer to the drivers… all the way down “to the metal” and none of that changes. in this particular case, apparently so does motorola, but google certainly does not.

it is a disadvantage to google from a user perception standpoint as the hardware starts to go more high end and simultaneously low end. the user does not know what to expect if it is an android, and therefore “android” gets relegated in the user’s perceptual map of product to be replaced by some other factor. just you know exactly what you perceive when you hear “Ferrari” and not quite sure what you perceive when you hear “Honda” even though Honda have sold cars as modest as a Fit and as extravagant as an NSX.

if goog’s strategy is really to commoditize their own OS to the point that it ceases to become a selling point, then Apple will always win in building user perception. i obviously don’t thing this is the case, but they are skirting really close to this.

and as they say “perception is reality”

this could go on and on and on but this is basically “freedom vs tyranny” on one side and “total quality control vs freetarded” on the other side. so maybe we can all just agree so party where we will and sometimes we’ll see each other and party together.

Many argue that Google is trying to make Android the Windows of the new crop of smartphones. I don’t think that necessarily means Apple will win the user perception fight. Up until the late 90s and early millenium, Mac OS (7, 8, 9) had nowhere near the level of mainstream acceptance that it does today. IMO the only difference is Apple has gotten saavy doing marketing.

So the JooJoo (aka Cruchpad)[/quote]

That looks so cheap…Probably a good thing…I can use it on the train and the little hood rats won’t steal this one from me…