Western Breakfast in Taichung

What are some good places for a Sunday breakfast/brunch in Taichung? I already know about Finga’s and The Early Bird Diner. Any other suggestions?

Gordon Biersch - gordonbiersch.com.tw/contactus-tc_en.php - has a Saturday and Sunday breakfast/brunch that is pretty good. Nice ambience. Coffee refills included. And the beer is good too, if a little pricey.

How much are their breakfasts, on average?

Beer with breakfast. Sounds delicious.

Apparently, the Londoner is starting up weekend brunches, although it doesn’t open until 11:00.

Good to know that there is a Gordon Beirsh in Taichung, I’ve got two weeks coming up there in late May and I think I’m gonna be going solo quite a bit so outside of the Starbucks right around the corner I haven’t seen any Western Style places to grab breakfast. It’s not that I ever crave Western food because my wife’s family eats quite well and those night markets are incredible but certainly some good to keep in the back of my mind.

New York Bagels, new open in the small mall just opened in Splendor hotel (opposite Sogo). Love their spinach eggs!!!

Say Cheese is pretty good. Lots of omelette choices. foodjing.com/site/en/restaur … 0%E5%BB%B3

Their bagels are very, very good. However, I can’t say the same for their coffee, pancakes, ham, or pasta. For people going there for the first time, hedge your meal with a bagel in case the other orders aren’t to your liking.

There’s a foreign-run breakfast store diagonally across from the 7-11 in DaKeng that does easily the best breakfasts I’ve ever had in my life. No exaggeration! Bit far out of town, though.

there is more than one 7-11 in Dakeng

that place is not western style

The one near the roundabout, on the intersection with the road coming from the university.

Well, in New York Bagels I always get the eggs (Spinach Eggs Benedict Breakfast Set)so can’t say about other food :smiley: coffee is all you can drink though, so I don’t complain :smiley:

Can check some photos here: nybagelscafe.com/menu.asp

Beer for breakfast. Great :slight_smile: !

Does anyone have a name, address, or link to Google Maps for this place?

Does anyone have a name, address, or link to Google Maps for this place?[/quote]

Oh for heaven’s sake. Pretty sure it’s here (Streetview), i.e.:


Oh, for heaven’s sake, thank you.

did anyone, for heavens sake (and mine), check out this place in DAKEN?

Oh, for heaven’s sake, yes I did. It’s basically just a sandwich place, like a scaled-down version of Subway. I had a BLT, but it wasn’t great (the bacon and bread were disappointing). My wife liked hers, but I forget what she had (I know it used French bread). The owner is friendly. He goes away for the summers and actually just reopened a few weeks ago. The menu says he’ll offer brunch starting in December.

I’m in no hurry to go back until I know he has a proper brunch. However, I might stop in for a quick bite if I was already in the area anyway.

He opens at 11, and he takes either Wednesday or Thursday off, or perhaps both.