Western Food delivered worldwide

stumbled across this interesting looking website for british food. It might be expensive, but maybe not as bad as Jason’s (and more british specific).


What do you guys reckon??

I just tested it out to see how much shipping would cost…3 plastic bottles of foam bath, regular size, would have cost

well that pretty much sucks - i suppose it could only work if you got a big order together with some other british friends. Then surely the cost of shipping wouldnt be as bad. As you wouldn’t just order 3 things from a place like that. However, it still seems a bit steep. You could maybe e-mail them to find out if they could offer anything better!!

I thought it was too good to be true!!


seems to be a booming business right now - surely one of these can offer decent postage costs - the first one seems the most hopeful for this!!

For the South Africans out there, there is an Australian company that sells SA prodcts, and ships to Taiwan. I didn’t think the prices were exorbitant, but then I’d been with out a Bar One for about 18months :slight_smile:
They’re SATOOZ and they deliver within about two weeks af ordering.
You can find them at www.SATOOZ.com. Enjoy!!

Sorry I’m late on this but we are starting something local here that is doing the same thing.


right now you’ll see that standard stuff from costco and importers. But Starting next week we will be getting our shipments from the US and things should get better. Plus I’ve got the McCormmick people on my side and will give them a list next week as well.

a very interesting idea - would be nice to see some cereal on there; i love cereal and most of the good stuff here is way expensive.

I’ll have a few tins of Koo marmalade and some Prep, please.

I just contacted a few UK suppliers and will see about getting some UK food on the site soon.

Sorry it wasn’t considered earlier…