Western restaurants in Hualien?

I tried Country Mother’s breakfast after a friend said he loves it. Here’s a picture I’ll let others be their own judge.

They also have lunch and some Mexican dishes and some Western sandwiches.


I really like the place. The omelettes are what I usually get. I’ve got a 10% off card. Can’t remember why they offered it to me. Maybe you can ask for one after a couple more visits. No expiration date.

I recommend Old Germany for decent meat dishes and beer.

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The ones I liked were “salt lick” (American bar) and “oh la la” (French)

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Dos Tacos



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Thanks for that. I’ll check it out and provide a little review here.

I hope it’s okay to include this Indian & Pakistani restaurant in this thread.


Not really Indian. More of Arabic style subcontinent food.

The owner claims it’s Pakistani. He once took slight offence when I told him how much I enjoyed the Indian food, stressing that what I just ate was from Pakistan and providing reasons for why it differs from Indian fare. All I know is that I thoroughly enjoy the food.

Haha. Ya, the warfare does extend to the palate sometimes. But Pakistani food can only come so close Indian food, which has many more regional varieties. For example, Pakistani restaurant won’t make any South Indian food; atleast not in an authentic way.

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It was very good. The rice dishes were average. I suspect that they are for Taiwanese/Asians who feel they must have rice every meal. But everything else was excellent. And the crepes. Wow. It would be worth going there just for a nice dessert.

Went to Hualien this week. Checked out Country Mother. Still there. Breakfast is good. Also anyone go to Salt Lick. Went twice. Had good pizza as well as Chicago style sausage. Run by American man named Jason.

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I go often. They have a large menu so lots to explore. I particularly enjoy their reubens. I would like to hang out sometime and have some drinks but I always go with my kids. Maybe the wife and I will go by ourselves one of these days. Good beer and their scotch selection is small but impressive.


The family and I went to this place that looked like a person’s house in the middle of no where. No menu…you eat what the chef cooks. Reservations required, but only two times to make a reservation.

It said it was Italian, but it seemed more high class generic western to me.

NT 1,200 for adults, 600 for kids.

First course was like a foix grad but apparently made without torturing a duck.

Second came a chicken encircled with shoelace potato cooked around the outside with an amazing combo of green leaves and sauce. I told the place that my son and I were allergic the seafood…the ladies got the same thing but with shrimp instead of chicken.

Third was carrot soup with beans and pork (fish for the ladies).

Fourth was duck in orange sauce with a peanut dusting of some kind (kids got spaghetti with a mushroom sauce).

Fifth was a pork of some time which tasted like corned beef with a crispy outside.

Sixth was steak cooked inside the center of a loaf of bread which was set on fire in front of us.

Seventh was a molten lava chocolate cake.

The presentation of everything was off the charts great. I typically prefer home style and hole-in-the-wall style food, but this was great on every level. I highly recommend it.


I’m guessing this is place you suggest. They seem quite famous on the foodie circuit.

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That meal sounded awesome!

If we are into hole-in-the-wall surprises, and if we can bend the borders of Hualien a bit to include the Changbin coast (access near the intersection of Highway 11 and Highway 30), then I’d add these guys into the conversation:

大草原南美燒烤店 - La Gran Sabana

Tel: 0905-876-696

A woman from Venezuela, and the gracious Taiwanese man she married, operate this small yet welcoming homestyle shop. As with just about all places in Changbin, I advise calling ahead (even a day or two ahead) and not simply rolling up to make sure they have something for you. I’ve only eaten there once, but I’d go back in a flash. It was delicious! :yum:



Do they have arepas?!

I don’t know. A quick phone call will determine it though. It’s especially helpful (though not crucial) if you can speak Spanish.


Just found them on Google. They have arepas. :relaxed:

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