Western restaurants open during CNY?

Besides McDonald’s, which other Western restaurants are open during the week of Chinese New Years?


Probably all of the chains - TGIF’s, Chilis, Gordon Biersch, and so on. If they’re in a department store they’re almost definitely going to be open.

For privately owned restaurants, it’ll be a bit more hit and miss, but I suspect most of them are going to be open. Check their websites/facebook or give them a call.

Chinese New Year is nowhere near the universal shutdown it (reputedly) used to be.

Most anyplace that closes only closes for one day anyway.

The incredible Amore Pizzeria on Roosevelt Road in Gongguan has been open every day during the new year! You can find it here:

Address: 140, Section 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei City (羅斯福路四段140號)
Telephone: 02-2362-0808


In our neighborhood, The Green Hornet is open.

KGB is open. Grandma Nittis.

Thought I’d bump this thread to see if there any new recommendations for restaurants open in Taipei on the first day of the new year.

Restaurants will usually close on the CNY eve (15th this year) for the workers to be with their families. But be open during CNY because it’s a money making holiday for the food industry.


Yea, it’s probably easier to list Western restaurants that close during CNY. Most, including chains, will be open especially since it’s a Friday this year, with independent ones deciding themselves.

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All the Italian restaurants I tried to book for Friday were closed…will keep trying.

El Sabroso is open and will have a piñata to celebrate.

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