Western snacks and various kinds of potato chips?

I have been in Taiwan now for 3 weeks and although I enjoy most food I have to be honest im missing some of the “home” food. Mainly snacks that is. Now I have looked at chips and seem to only find Sour Cream and Onion that I am familiar with. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find good old Salt and Vinegar, Ketchup, Dill Pickle ahhhhhhhh… . Well please let me know I live in a town of 160,000 Fengyuan so I am not sure if this is possilbe.


P.S. Or give me some ideas that are good such as seafood or chicken chips

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where have you looked so far? I see quite an assortment of chips (especially seafood) at 7-11, welcome, tesco, or carrefour. I think ketchup might have been at welcome awhile back, not sure. pringles are also plentiful.


If you’re a Brit looking for Walker’s Crisps, they are available in both Singapore and Thailand (usually at “British” pubs, in small quantities and very limited varieties). I’d suggest asking a friend who is traveling there to bring some back for you.

Since you live in Feng Yuen, Jasons probably isn’t an option. You could try the local varieties (I like seaweed) for adventure and when you go to Taipei, Taichung, drop into the supermarkets or delis and stock up on ‘real’ crisps.