Wetlands incident

Anyone know what happened at Wetlands over the weekend? Saw the end of something on the news. It apparently involved a foreign guy, a Taiwanese woman, a fire extinguisher, plenty of alcohol and stupidity.
Just curious. That place is/was very cramped. It couldn’t have been much fun.

Where’s Wetlands?

Wetlands is in the alley next to Tickle My Fantasy. Not going out much anymore oldtimer? just kidding. I’ve only been there a few times over the past couple years. It was always too crowded for me. By the way, I guess the old Milk bar on Sinyi road has opened again under another name. Let’s hope it has some character. It would be nice to find a small place that can carve a name out for itself and attract an interesting group.

Do you mean Watersheds? Hehehehe… Looks like I’m not the one with memory issues. :wink:

Strange that there was an “incident” there - I’ve always gotten a great vibe from the people there.

I was at Watersheds on Sat., but didn’t see anything but vomit and some guy crying outside.

Oh I’ve got egg all over my face:-) You are of course correct on the name. Man, I may have to get an ID/address bracelet soon…

Still wonder what the news story was about.