Whack Things in Taiwan 2017


If women can wear fake breats them men definitely can wear six packs enhancers as well.


Good god…that thing looks real. You could heat it up and use it as a branding iron…


Oh lordy.
I think I’m off waffles for at least the next quarter…


If a lady-friend gave me one, I’d probably just use it to grill franks and burgers on.


[quote=“Kowtow, post:2058, topic:38330, full:true”]Unless you’re in buttfuck nowhere, there are plenty of places with urinals.
I was in Ass Fuck, Arizona last summer. It’s a real place. Except it’s spelled “Ash Fork”.


Supernatural. Check it out. We got a cute group of followers here. Went to the convention in Canada. Jared has posed with gifts from Taiwan, including snacks, LOL.


Renewed for Season 13th. We are making a group for the convention in England this year. Any tips?


the company i work at asked us if we want to work the next 2 Saturdays in order to get 2 extra days + the extra week end after Chinese new year ( so an extra 4 days basically).
Great, excellent, amazball… woop woop …:grin:
however, after asking the major part of the employees, the majority won… and the majority want to get back to work ON TIME… no longer holiday. ( by the way, the majority of my colleague are ladies between 30 and 50 years old - 95% single)
The reason : they are all worry and unhappy having their respective families and relatives asking them why they do not have kids and husband!!! :rage:
Same thing happening in the company where my wife work but the reason is different : ‘’ they think not talking to their clients for so long is very harmfull to the business’’!!!

what the F… is wrong with everyone???
they always complain not enough holidays, too much work… but when provided with extras days they just REFUSE it because they have absolutely no life after work and do not know what to do with those beautifull, freeee days.



Hey, that can be a problem. My wife’s got relatives that we don’t visit because we don’t have children and apparently that is the ONLY topic they want to talk about. Ten minutes was mildly annoying but bearable. Two days was a fucking nightmare. I could at least tune it out by pretending to understand no Chinese at all, but my wife doesn’t have that option.

Think of it this way: for many people, Chinese New Year vacation is enforced time staying with family. Four days more of vacation means four days more with family. Would you want that?

But yes, it is deeply sad that they don’t have anything else that they can think of doing with their days off.


For sure i understand but what about just staying home, chilling in front of tv, or going to any of the world famous eatery aka ‘‘night market’’.
Another possibility would be to explain to the family that their advice are good, full of good sense but however do apply only to them as different couples = different mentalities = different needs = different dreamz = different lives etc… …
I’d love to have 4 days more vacation with the family but my case is different – got to see them once in yearz.
But hey, ‘‘lostinasia’’, i understand perfectly what you mean — same overhere :grin:


I’m just using 2 vacation days and taking those days off anyway! I imagine lots of people will do that.


Just know there’s no way to please them. You give them 1000NT for red envelope, they complain it’s too little. Next year, you give them twice the amount, they complain why they didn’t receive twice the amount last year.

I’ve learned to :snowflake: let it go :snowflake: , but sometimes it feels good to vent.




True, but for many of your co-workers, where do they live? Don’t lots of single women in that age bracket still live with their parents? There’s a reason coffee shops and restaurants are so packed on weekends here - many people can’t really chill at home, because home’s a pressure cooker as well.


that is the sad thing for sure…
a room to rent cost 8000-10000nt$ - comes up with all the freedom of the world.
but agree with you.


And that is why there is so much violence over the holidays. Pressure cooker plus liquor = trouble.


Yes, but it doesn’t come with someone to do your laundry and cook you dinner.

If you think about it, 10K is approximately how much they give their parents for “rent”

Some of them probably do not know how to cook or even do their own laundry. You’d be surprised, but it’s true.


One of my neighbors who is an aixin mama and tends to her accounting and international sales SOHO was complaining to me that “two days off is too much. When Taiwan’s economy took off, we workerd six days a week”.


First of all, she works from home, any schedule suits her, as long as she delivers. Is there such a dramatic low from losing one day of business?

Second of all, it is a completely different game now, manufacture then, knowledge/service economy now.

Third… I ain’t got the time. Gotta work though lunch.



Buy some of those cute little lobster bibs in bulk and hand them out at the convention. They make excellent drool protectors. And don’t make any sudden lunges for the two stars. You don’t want to get tackled by security and end up in The Sun…trust me.


Yep. The only place someone actually climbed Jensen was precisely in England.

I mean travel tips. As to the stuff we hand in… I’ll put pictures up but we may have ehem, copyright issues.