Whack Things in Taiwan 2017


Lovely read, this thread. And I thought the rock I live on (Bali) was a little “special”. I could take any one of the scooter tragedies, replace Taipei with Denpasar and it would still make perfect sense.


Actually, after a brief survey, I have concluded it is mostly men who live at home with the parents -they will inherit the home anyways. Women tend to get outta dodge ASAP -college- and live as far from the family as possible.


Got a weird phone call yesterday from the local post office claiming that I hadn’t paid my tax on a winning 10,000ntd invoice receipt and the ID number was wrong on the tax form.

Discussed with my wife and said I didnt win any money last year. Told her it’s probably fraudulent and not to give my ID or any info on the phone.
Talked to the post office again today and both the tax office was looking for payment and the post office asked again to put my ID number and name on this lottery tax invoice that I never won in the first place!

Finally wife went down to the post office to check if this is for real and found out that they had discovered a foreigner in the area had won 10,000ntd and given passport name and arc but left no address or phone number.

So the people in the local post office went through their list as to who was a foreigner in the district and came up with me and input MY address and phone number as the contact for this tax payment!!

My wife had to explain to them that this was WRONG. Thankfully they have another passport name and ID on file for the invoice which should prove it WASNT ME or ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME (the random foreigner who they selected in the district) who owes this money.

Any further demands I will sue their corrupt asses. It turns out the person who signed off on this invoice has supposedly resigned since last year (probably after using a fake passport and ID number) …sounds like an internal scam of the tax lottery system in the post office.


I thought they were supposed to deduct the 20% tax on the spot for winnings in that range. (The smaller prizes are tax-free.)


Sniffling, rather than sniffing, is the more accurate term. Women do it too. I sat next to a sniffling female from Ilan to Hualien recently on a train. Head bent to phone and sniffling all the way.

Pulling out a tissue is a lower-body issue.

People are embarrassed to put a tissue to their face.


I won 4,000 about five years ago and, yup, the 20% was deducted on the spot. Makes me agree with Brian Jones that something is fishy on the inside.


Sat on a plane for two hours next to a guy doing that. Or rather, I sat there for half an hour and then went to stand at the back for the other 90 minutes, otherwise I would have thrown him out the emergency exit. When I got back to my seat for landing, he was still sniffling. :runaway:

How about the people who make that weird snorting/throatclearing sound every couple of minutes, as if they have something stuck at the back of their nose/throat? Drives me round the bend.


some people have allergies. blowing my nose into a tissue does jack shit and if i did that then i would just endlessly be blowing my nose, which would be even more annoying.


Re the hygiene discussion in Whack Things III:

Liu, a doctor at the Ren Ai Hospital, was quoted by the Chinese-language Apple Daily on Tuesday last week as saying that using public restrooms can lead to rashes or urinary infections, because stray droplets from the flush of an unclean toilet are a vector.

In some cases, droplets carrying contaminants from a dirty toilet can cause diseases that are normally transmitted by sexual intercourse, Liu said.


It seems like the money WAS deducted on the spot and they want to append a local resident ID for this tax money.

For some reason they cannot find the person who had claimed originally (either fraud or Foreigner who was non resident and left) and therefore decided ANY FOREIGNER IN MY DISTRICT WILL DO

That’s right the lady in the post office seems to have randomly assigned me as the contract person for this tax receipt which MAKES NO SENSE except for ALL FOREIGNERS ARE THE SAME.

I still smell something a little fishy since they claim the person responsible for this originally has already resigned from that branch.


second day in a row of some mystery neighbour (can’t find who it is and its just as loud from outside) drilling the shit out of their apartment all day long. starting at 8am. i can barely think let alone sleep.

i’ve never wished death on a person but i can make an exception for this drill wanker.


I know what you mean. Whenever I hear the sound of a drill going into concrete, I imagine it going into the head of the driller instead. Admittedly, it doesn’t provide much relief.


Technically, they aren’t drilling. They’re jackhammering.

That should make you feel better.


Hmm, the logistics of trying to jackhammer someone’s head sound intriguing. I’ll see if I can fit that into my next Tarantino-wannabe script.


just heard a very loud car accident from my apartment. went down to see what happened and there was a taxi with the front end completely smashed to bits. partially hit a post too, the other car had the side pretty well smashed in too. everyone was ok from the taxi but couldn’t see from the other car. there were ambulances and fire engines on the scene. no doubt it was from one of them speeding through a red light (i always see it happening at this crossroads, even saw it happening earlier) and i wouldn’t be shocked it a lot of blame lay with the taxi driver as they are always driving like shits.


Reviving this thread and posting this…

Guy’s wife was putting the kid on the scooter and accidentally knocks down her bike. Guy is calm and doesn’t want to start something over nothing.

She starts going crazy about how the way he picked up the bike and apologized to her was not very nice…

The cop who later shows up says there’s lots of people in the area suffering from bipolar disorder.

If you need a laugh as you wind down the day, this one is for you.


I get my updates here:



Just took the MRT back home. In comes a lady with an umbrella… her head inside the slightly opened umbrella, which points up. A bit like a KKK hood, but without the holes in it. That was a first for me.

Possible explanations.

  • The woman is a performance artist
  • The woman is plain crazy
  • The woman thinks she is ugly and does not want anyone to see her
  • The woman protects herself against:
    a. germs
    b. radiation
    c. radio waves
    d. sun rays that pierce the street, the ground below, and the roof of the MRT car

Any other possibilities?


I’d go for all “all of the above” since this is Taiwan. :sweat_smile:

I’d also go for the germs explanation, and give the woman the benefit of the doubt. Might be she forgot her face mask so you gotta make do with what you have.


whack in Taiwan!!! such racist thinking and disgusting!!!