Whack Things in Taiwan 2017


Me smells a troll . :grinning:


is only racism thinking about Taiwan is whack and smelly and always complain!! disgusting foreigner boy :confounded:


On my morning walk to work, I saw guy outside his bmw with a cop arguing. As I walked closer, I noticed the car’s side view mirror was busted. It looked like someone drove too close and knocked it loose and it was just hanging by the wires.

The owner was ticked off and wouldn’t stop yelling at the cop. Poor cop just stood there and took the berating like it was his fault.

Another passerby said to the cop, “Maybe you should give him a ticket for parking in a handicap spot” (which he was without any stickers). The owner of the car responded, “f*ck your mom, this cop won’t do anything to me.”

The cop just stood there dumbfounded.


And Forumosans keep worrying about petty details like return flights…


Questions have also been raised about National Immigration Agency procedures and security at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport because Cho on Tuesday left Taiwan on a Tigerair flight to Japan, but Japanese authorities refused him entry because he did not have a valid South Korean passport and he was put on a return fligh to Taiwan.

Despite the lack of a valid South Korean passport and being on Interpol’s red alert list, he was able to re-renter Taiwan.

Investigators believe that he might have been able to evade immigration procedures upon his return by going through an unguarded desk, or by jumping from the customs control floor to the ground floor.

I’m not sure what the best emoji for this is. :idunno:


Wouldn’t be the first one to evade immigration by jumping through the gates…

Just today they were showing offt heir team of experts , along with sophisticated machibery to test whether a passport from anywhere in the world is real. Problem is with the crowds at Taoyuan, they just do not have the time.

As to te guy, he will be let go with a soft slap in teh hand and a big one in the back from authorites, which mostly do not belong to the DPP and treat anything from typhoon down South, quakes and other unfortunate incidents are blessings and huo gai. Just heard two jokes about that and it was not 9:30am…


Forgot alos to mention that there was recently another weird case involving a South Korean in Taiwan. This woman cheated like a dozen hotels, by giving them a false credit card that wouldn’t swipe, so she asked them to stay until she could get money from ther ATM. She stayed at 6000 ntd a night or nmore hotels all over Taipei, over a month. I do not think she has been caught.


That Korean scammer is yet another story that will be used to eye foreigners suspiciously.

Case in point: I’m in Kinmen right now. When I got off the plane I headed to the scooter rental place in the airport. I arrived at the same time as about eight others. I watched the entire process for all of us. We all wanted scooters, we all filled out the paperwork, and we all presented our Taiwan driver’s licenses. After the paperwork was finished, everyone’s licenses were returned–but mine was photographed first before being returned. Only mine.

Suspicious because I was the only foreigner? Who knows…but the staff were very friendly and efficient so it really didn’t matter to me (except for making a mental note of it)


This is whack. Hope they figure it out and report the news.

He lives a good life. Pause Landis Resort in Wulai and W Hotel Taipei.


Intersting case. Woman in Pingtung crashes against one car, flees the scene, crashes against another, killing 3 occupants, a father and his two kids while mom and one more kid are hanging by a thread. Gets caught, no alcohol, yet tells cops she does not remember a thing.

Lo and behold, all videos from 4 cameras at the intersection of the crash dissappear. Mystery…


I probably shouldn’t speculate, but no doubt she’s the wife/cousin/sister/daughter-in-law/aunt/xiaosan of the local li zhang or somesuch corrupt nonsense.


‘Public servents’ as the major cause of whacks-waste, injustice and all that-is the whackest thing Taiwan has.


Yeah, I read that. 5 minutes footage missing. Everything before and after normal.


One camera I can buy. 4…it’s idiotic it would fly. But even with so many deaths, money and power talks and binds justice.


Bitch is going to do time anyway.

Pinging is a dangerous please by all accounts.


Whack things in Taiwan … from a foreigner. Few days ago, just when I was going inside a 7-11 shop, I see a tall foreigner, probably in his mid 40s, checking out his items, topless. He got out and then went inside the coffee shop on the opposite side of the road.
This is a nice looking and big coffee shop, still topless, he orders a coffee , apparently 內用 since he took a seat in the middle of the shop.


He probably saw some local a-beis going shirtless and figured it was perfectly acceptable here.


In most countries these days, acceptability varies by location. What’s whack in central Taipei is less whack next to a beach. Where was it?


My eyes are assaulted by sun-ripened male nipples on a regular basis in Taipei, although, admittedly, not at the more fashionable venues.


In Tainan, in the city :slight_smile:


My eyes are assaulted by short wearing foreigners on a regular basis. Mostly married folk. Disheveled, unshaven, t-shirts on their last life, loafers not suitable for washing a sewer tank. Please!

In my culture, it is the wife’s duty to ensure hubby goes out presentable. If we were in the ol country, a bunch of you would bring dishonor to your house by going out as you guys do. I know you guys are already married, but it is worse as you guys marry beautiful, well groomed women…and it dies not rub on you. Shame! Shame!