Whack Things in Taiwan 2018



Charles! Nicely done! That’s it! Maybe I’ll buy one! LolVigilante%20vest


Hualien has some of those Vigilantes…


I was looking at phone cases at the night market. A girl shows me cases and points to one that prevents damage to a phone if dropped from a certain distance. She walks away, comes back with her phone to show me that she uses the case.

THEN, she pulls back her arm and throws the phone across the store bouncing and and banging and skipping across the floor. I thought it was a dummy phone, but she retrieves the phone and brings it to me and shows me its her real phone.

Quite a demonstration to sell a case for about NT$400.


are you a wai guo ren?


Yup. Think she was flirting with me?


nope, this is just the special ‘friendly’ service all taiwanese give to foreigners :wink:


So over the weekend, I noticed that KOJEN is using The Star Spangled Banner in their new TV ads.

How can this be…OK??


How are they a safety hazard?

I bought mine to protect my hands from the heat of the noonday sun, more than the winter cold…


Other drivers’ handles get stuck in them and both scooters may fall in the middle of traffic. That kind of danger.


@Icon this or your hands get stuck in it and you can’t let go in an emergency


@Icon @Fei-Fan

I haven’t thought of that, although driving in Yilan is so much different than the cities.


Next thing you know, some Russian will write the Marseillaise into a symphony…


Holy crap.
On the way in this morning, out here in Bumfuck Zhonghe, I saw this dude with his van parked, selling framed paintings he had lined up against the construction fence.
For a good 5 seconds I feared I’d taken a wrong turn and ended up in the parking lot of Canadian Tire (or Piggly Wiggly for all you Children of the Cheeto Jesus) :eek:

I was going to stop and see if he had the black velvet Jimi Hendrix but traffic was mental.


Keep eyes open for velvet Elvis.



Saw a lady on a hiking trail with a chained parrot on her shoulder the other day…


He looks like he’s about to murder someone.


Parrots are becoming a thing. Expect to see more and more free range parrots once people lose interest and go on to the next retarded trend.

At least pot-bellied pigs haven’t taken off.


Parrots have been a thing for decades. Both of mine are rescues, presumably discarded by their former owners. They’re cheap pets and don’t need a lot of space, but some people only realize how much noise they make after it’s too late.


In Xindian there is a huge seller in the market. The problem I have with that is that they have these Central American parrots which are protected and their sale is banned even in the old country because there are so few of them now. So I wonder, how did they get here? Bred? The horror, that is even worse.

And that begs the question: how do they survive teh winter here? their instinct is to fly away. I often see the posts of lost parrots in the hood. I imagine they became a welcome meal for some stray cat or dog.