Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


The pot bellied craze came and went, basically because people were selling normal sized pigs as babies, and of course, they grew and grew… The animals association has several pigs that were kept as pets because they were sold to city dwellers under the guise of mini pigs…which later became the size of a Volkswagen.


True story, a friend of mine many years ago smuggled in a load of rare birds from HK. He wore a special overcoat with concealed pockets for the (presumably) drugged birds. I think they all died en route.


Your friend sounds like an asshole.


He was young, those were different times?


Yeah, we were probably all assholes back then. But that’s one milk run I would’ve turned down.


Still a real asshole move.


Apart from the rabbit why is there a massive rock just lying on the pavement. Taiwan!


Perhaps someone put it there to reserve it as “their space” for parking or storage of personal effects? That seems to be how lots of folks roll here…



How they rock and roll here …:slight_smile:


Scratching my head on this one…


Don’t think corn ice cream is all that unusual. Along with corn potato chips, which are huge here. Ice cream is maybe more popular in other parts of Asia. Sutera Harbour resort hotel in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, had home-made corn ice cream in every restaurant last time I was there.

I even kinda like it. Not nearly as sweet as American ice cream.


This isnt actual corn ice cream.
Rather, it is peanut flavored ice cream in the shape of corn, which I found a bit “whack”.


Sorry about that, afraid I didn’t look at the picture carefully enough. :doh:

And I agree, that is a bit whack.


It is whack until you realise peanut flavour ice cream is Taiwan’s biggest seller.
Don’t know why I know that…It’s whack that I know that.


Weird it says both Corn and Peanut on the box. Maybe it’s both? You can buy us a box so we can try it.


It’s whack that we didn’t consider you knowing that was whack until you told it was (whack, that is). Okay, I need to go home. Long day. Miller Time. Or actually, Simple Mart beer from a country in which the citizens of that country have never heard of that beer time.


Anybody notice folks who use motorised wheelchairs here drive them just like scooters.

Feckin nuisance. :grin:


So the govt made a video to help the not giving way when pedestrians are crossing the road problem. But they basically just said its still ok to run people over while looking at your phone, actually pedestrians need to watch out for cars. Wow thanks guys! I never thought about that before. Its a wonder Im not dead all the times i crossed the road without looking out for the murderous psychopaths. Couldn’t make this stuff up.


McDonalds Taiwan have stopped selling the Quarter Pounder. It’s been replaced by a new “Angus beef burger”.

Unsure if this is a temporary or permanent change, still it’s ruined my day.


The video encourages pedestrians to watch out for bad Taiwanese drivers. It’s implicitly stating that horrible driving is normal and it’s the pedestrian’s fault if s/he gets gets by a car.