Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


its giving the shitty drivers a pass. it literally says the driver has a blind spot when looking in-front of them, not behind. its complete shite. this video should be educating the drivers about pedestrians who use the crossing when the light is green, that they have right of way and that they need to STOP and let them pass. that will make things safer and create less accidents. the real blind spot is behind the pedestrians. i agree people should be observant when anywhere near a Taiwanese road, and especially crossing but i don’t put the pedestrians at blame. some of these bastard taxi drivers speed around the corner, it doesn’t matter if you see them or not theres not a lot a pedestrian can do vs a reckless car coming at you at speed. but all the car needs to do is stop, and follow the supposed law which even the government doesn’t seem to follow.


The most dangerous place in Taiwan, a crosswalk.


I just realized that whenever I’m watching a movie or TV show and someone’s getting out of the passenger side of a car and they don’t shoulder check first for oncoming scooters, I kind of have a little panic attack.


Just watched 3 people plus a parking attendant trying to assist a guy park his car by all yelling different directions. What could of taken 2 minutes took about 8 minutes with tons of chaos, a few close calls, and finally a badly parking car.




And if he would have crashed his car then they would all yell at him “what is wrong with you!”, not “sorry”.


I have a friend that constantly tries to help with guidance when I’m walking. I’ve managed to walk streets my entire life including 10 years or so in Taiwan without a problem.

Yesterday, I was unconsciously relying on this assistance, when she pointed to cross the street. I stepped out, and almost hit by car.

Other group of friends takes every person to decide how to pack bags into the trunk of a car. Or just put the bags on a cart, or move bags across the room, all bumping into each other, some passing bags, some trying to carry all the way. All debating, talking, finally settling on less than a great solution so the input of everyone can be considered.

This group effort at everything is dangerous. Everyone needs to be responsible for themselves.

And this is why many people grow up with no common sense or little independent thought.


I do that too and just realized it!


I am not sure if there is a straight line of causality here. But the almost farcical micromanagement of others’ affairs–example: excitedly and insistently pointing to where a companion should sit on public transport–is something I have not seen anywhere other than Taiwan.



Very sane reaction IMO :slight_smile:


Why aren’t the steps in most residential homes even? They are also way too small but I’m not complaining about that. But why can’t they at least all be the same height and straight & level?


I suspect those basic principles disappeared when the Japanese were forced out in 1945.



It has to do with feng shui or so I have been told.


I assumed it was a matter of working as quickly (and not as carefully) as possible.



More importantly …was she cute?

Actually seriously , picked up a phone case at the outlet , a Lamborghini one no less ( can’t afford the car can afford the 40 dollar case).

The phone just slipped a foot off my hand as I stepped out of my car and…smashed glass.
New local …come to your home repair guy…had a new piece of glass done for 90 dollars.

Threw the lambo case in the garbage where it belongs.


On the contrary, these stories are sifted from a wide array of competing tales often focused on AV and other actress’s udder-size, height, weight, and other measurements. And cute pet stories …and other stuff.


Supermarket. Vegetable section. Bamboo shoots. Fingernail imprints. Yuck.


Televisions in 99% of restaurants.
Nothing like traffic accident footage on in the background while slurping your food down.

I give extra business to places with no TV.


I hate to be “managed”.


Buying apples in my local supermarket is a nightmare because of this, I only buy when fresh stock has just been put out and before the local grannies get a chance to stick their dirty scraggly thumbnails into them.