Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


It does turn green eventually, but the people who press the button don’t have the patience to wait.


Because it’s design is shit.

It should turn green within five to ten seconds not another 30 seconds or more .

Why do pedestrians have to wait so long after pressing the button ?

Dumb dumb dumb.


King car has still priority over pedestrians in Taiwan, moronic!


I get the impression that style is more like how Taiwanese say “beef steak” instead of “steak”.


I am sure this can happen anywhere in the world
but here is someone using FB to ask if it has been raining!
I found it strange, weird, and whack!


So I am browsing Yahoo, looking at the electric scrubbers. Some have video explaining how to use the thing. Well, it seems that this vendor in particular did not check the video all way through…Or if he did, he’s got quite a sense of humor. This, kids, is why listening comprehension is a key skill. Please do not miss this video. You’ll thank me.

【傻瓜批發】(ZU-101)充電式無線電動清潔刷 Turbo scrub打掃神器 洗車刷 掃地機好神拖【只能宅配或自取】 https://tw.bid.yahoo.com/item/100422729414


Men in Taiwan carrying umbrellas on sunny days. And men taking pictures of men in Taiwan carrying umbrellas on sunny days :crazy_face:


It’s a joke video from a YouTube channel where they dub joke voices over commercial and other videos. Their logo is right there in the corner.

This, kids, is why reading comprehension is a key skill. :roll_eyes:


Here’s a story from the way back machine.

Picture this: early 2000s, living and working near a military veterans’ community, I would still see some of those old former KMT soldiers on the street. After becoming tired of having my brain scrambled by the mid-day sun, I started to use my umbrella to get some much-needed shade as I went about my business. I still vividly remember one of those old soldiers stopping to point and laugh at me as I did so.

A year or two later, I started to see some of those old soldiers from that same community also using their umbrellas for shade. Who’s laughing now? : D



I use a sunbrella all the time when going on hikes. White skin and intense sun is not a healthy combination. Not in Taipei City, though, lot of arcades with shade.


I’ve been known to do that occasionally and it does help to keep the temp down. Given I am about 500x paler than the average dude here I have a good excuse !


I carry an umbrella when I think it’s going to rain, like today.
By I don’t open it up for shade.

I’ll use sunscreen instead.


I’m pale as a ghost and I hate that I can’t tan, I only burn. So I always need sunscreen if I’m going to be in the sun more than 15 minutes. I’m a guy but I would have no reservations using an umbrella for the sun.

It irks me a bit that Taiwanese think I use sunscreen because I don’t want to have dark skin. I wear sunscreen because I don’t want to suffer the inevitable sunburn. I would love to have dark skin as a protection!


I can understand using an umbrella for shade from heat. That is intelligent. It’s the avoiding sun by using it between shaded buildings or crossing streets for 5 seconds that is whack.


Using an umbrella under the arcades is well, dumb.


Or while riding a bicycle or motor scooter, especially when the wind blows strongly.


I agree! It also uses a lot of space, unnecessarily.

The community where I lived back in the day and had my lovely umbrella incident—let’s just say the arcade thing and “urban planning” in general didn’t quite take hold there in the scramble after 1949.

How many newly built communities in Taiwan have the arcades? Sometimes old ideas really do make sense, especially with rising temperatures.



Yep those arcades are perfect for the local climate. A lot of new buildings don’t have them.


And the local swallows. Love watching them make their nests and see the big wide mouths of their offsprings every year. On our street are about 10 nests on a 100 meter stretch of old-building arcades. The only downside, for the house owners, is the poop on the pavement.


Just install a poop catcher shelf.