Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


Some do. Most welcome the birds, which I like.


I love that they choose to make their nests on top of the Chinese characters. The store owners think it is auspicious.


Seems like a perfect setting for birds nest harvesting if can attract the right birds.


Waiting for a taxi in front of Starbucks tonight. One old man jumps in front of me when the taxi pulled up and I thought okay. I wasn’t watching it a second time, a young couple ran out and jumped in front of me. Third time I jumped in front of the businessman.

Driving off I thought why did I do that?

I almost never have someone jump in front of me to jump in a taxi but tonight has been twice almost three times.

I’ll probably be the only one in the news tomorrow the crazy foreigner jumping in front of other people to get in a taxi.


When in Rome…


Because you didn’t want selfish people with no respect for others to do it again and make you lose face!:rofl:


This is like a microcosm of democracy in action.


Postmen delivering mail on super-quiet electric scooters flying out of small alleys scaring the spit out of me. Pun intended.


I hate electric cars and scooters.
No warning sound of them coming around a corner.
Dangerous, especially to kids.
And this is not country-specific either.


This in not Taiwan specific either. I walk into a crowded MRT car and I feel I’ve entered a space with people who are seriously addicted to you know what.

It’s mind-boggling how much data must flow through the ether when every square meter there is a mobile device.


Just name it, smartphone zombies!


Instead of people watching, I do smartphone-watching.
Old lady next to me on mrt had 2 smartphones. Both displaying a different Taiwanese soap opera!




Whenever I see an attractive person in the MRT who has not a phone in his/her hand, no ear plugs either, I think to myself, “there is hope.” The hope is usually crushed within a few minutes. Another one lost…


OK, but what I want to know is this: was the sound on, loudly, for both of them?



It can be more worrying when your Taxi Driver is watching a soap :sweat_smile:
Wat Ching would be a great name :joy:


I find myself nearly always reading the Chinese characters at the bottom of the screen for local news/shows. Unless some hottie appears on the screen.


Who cares about that, it’s a passenger service! :roll_eyes:


The MRT is so crowded these days, should we spend it staring at somebody’s back or reading something on the phone ?


I have no problems with smartphones at all, great communication tool, great source of information. It’s just what looks like the behavior of addicts that worries me. I see a lot of parallels with smoking for example. The feeling of insecurity when the pack/phone is not within reach. The feeling of having the last cigarette in the pack/low-energy warning on the screen. The anxiety when you are not allowed to smoke/use the phone. The relieve when you can finally do it. The excessive use when you are allowed/able to do it. The constant thought of wanting to smoke/use the phone. Forcing yourself to wait a little bit longer, then giving up early. Always finding a good reason to have another look/smoke. And now the one I will always remember from my time as a smoker: not really getting much satisfaction out of doing it (especially playing phone games and scrolling through social-media feeds). Smoking is of course easier to separate yourself from, because essentially you don’t need to do it to survive. In this sense smartphone usage is more like eating. You need to do it (at least in a modern society you can’t do without a smartphone any longer), but it’s very easy to overdo it, especially if you have problems in your life you feel you have to compensate for/escape from (does not everyone have those?)