Whack Things in Taiwan 2018





Seem to be a lot of sales calls to my mobile number recently. 9 am on a Sunday morning not appreciated. Does anyone else do this when you get calls ?


Yes, one word, “English?” And they hang up.


If it’s a company wanting to loan me money, I get a bit excited and say (in Chinese), yes I want NT$30 million, then NT$50 million, and then… (they hang up themselves)


Got into a bit of a Barney with the PRC flag waving thugs yesterday . Wasn’t looking for it but a big contingent of them suddenly started waving big PRC flags and marching around and blocking the entrance to 101. I just just told them to piss off back to the mainland Cops were only worried it was going to blow up and it did as the gangster leaders started screaming back at me and gunning for me. Had to hightail it out of there as was outnumbered and they were threatening violence , cops didn’t do anything and the Taiwanese didn’t utter a word .
Not much hope for Taiwan if they won’t even fight back against these PRC gangsters in their own capital city with a couple of cops standing around (equivalent of Taiwanese hoodlums waving Taiwan ROC flags and shouting slogans in Tiananmen Square).

Cops didn’t tell them to stop screaming and threatening me, just tried to stop me engaging in the first place.

I can only imagine some similar scenes in Weimar republic or Austria before WWII as the state sponsored and party sponsored goons tried to intimidate local populations (this was how the Nazis came to power) . I know many are wary of these gangsters as they are linked with white wolf and China intelligence. I could easily take a few of them but we know what’s behind them.

Foreigners sent home in the event of a Chinese invasion?
Foreigners sent home in the event of a Chinese invasion?

I ordered something yesterday and got one of the tones totally wrong. The staff then repeated my wrongly pronounced order several times to her co workers mockingly. I can’t imagine how huge of an arsehole i would look if i was working in a shop back home and mocked a chinese persons bad pronunciation right infront of them.



First off, I’m glad you’re OK. Don’t engage these guys, it is just not worth it.

My sense is the key word in the quote above is “gangsters” more than “PRC.” There is enough memory/fear here of dealing with gangsters that only other gangsters will get involved!



If you report this to Taipei City Hall, these demonstrations will perhaps be curtailed, as election season is around the corner, and the incumbent will want to project a law-and-order image. It’s worth a try.



Well yea if you do something like that back home you would look like a massive prick.


Glad you are okay, too.
It’s WAY not worth it to engage with any group anywhere.
To put it in another venue. I would never engage with Antifas no matter if it’s even in my own home city. You never know when suddenly they just up and do something stupid behind their masks.


There is some foreign guy acting like a clown filming himself with the Taiwan flag running around Tomorrowland Music Festival . Expect to see this on the youtube or news.


Not me :slight_smile:


Does he have a tattoo on his forehead?


I totally get that . Things span out of control really quickly and I recognised the dragon lady that has gone to jail before for attacking people.

Only that I cleared off into 101 pretty sharpish could have been a lot worse, they are fanatics!

Looks like same people and same behaviour four years later!

The weirdest part is that the police videotape everything but don’t prevent them harassing people.


If they like China take away their ID and put them on a plane to the Middle Kingdom.


My new coworkers do that. Shopkeepers and clerks in stores, both high end or low, also do that. I worked in customer service and I would have gotten fired at the speed of sneeze for such a thing. Why would you mock someone who comes to give money to you? Why would you humiliate someone you just started working with?


Did you see the news of White Wolf handing in a prize on behalf of Taipei city? It was at his granddaughter’s school. Obviously, some heavy pushing was involved. The school director quit over the incident, but we can’t forget White Wolf’s crimes were political -he got rid of pesky opponents of the regime- and he still has powerful friends who owe him…plus funding from the other side. And they are all armed.

A police officer who goes against them will lose his job and his life, not necessarily in that order. And his family will be in danger too.


yea its weird. with your friends its totally fine but some stranger ? no thanks. i should have switched to english and got some revenge.