Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


When I was studying Chinese several years ago, my teacher laughed extremely hard when I tried to write Chinese characters because they didn’t look good. I just accept the fact that Taiwanese are jerks who are unlikely to change.


There is currently (almost 1am) a massive electronic music and laser light show at Dajia Riverside Park (大佳河濱公園), which I can hear and see loud and clear from my apartment 4km away. Try calling 1999 to hear a recorded message about the noise complaints - this event was permitted by Taipei City to go on until 4am.

Keep the whole capital city up til 4am with blaring electronic music, great idea KP!

Definitely a whack thing in Taiwan.


And white, green, blue, and red text on black background: Such innovative web design!


Most people have been really nice to me hear. It certainly isn’t polite to mock people and shows they are low class. I do appreciate when they correct what I’ve said in the way they answer me. I acknowledge my mistake and say thank you. I’ve been here too long because I know how to guilt people if they are messing with me.
Maybe someone can explain this whack thing to me? If someone blocks the scooter parking with their car, I look for the owner of the car for a sec, then use my quick car owner locater method. I take a picture of their car from different angles and “Voila” the owner appears asking me what I’m doing then I can ask them to move their car.


Can’t you post/report him to China’s “social credit system”? ha ha


Yeah. For making me late to work by parking illegally. How many points would that be?


It seems that men in Japan—facing scorching heat—have moved in on this too:



No, not. The real Tomorrowland festival in Belgium is 9 days of noise in the town where they do that every year. Locals are fine with it, brings in money and jobs. They get a permit every year. It’s like setting up a whole village (luxury campground, restaurants …) and several music stages. All kinds of events, every night fireworks. And the tickets cost serious money, and no one uses cash on the festival ground, all digital credits by way of a bracelet you get sent when you buy your ticket.


Same in Taiwan.


So would they blast the festival loud enough to hear across Brussels until 4am and prevent half the capital city from sleeping?


But hey, the towns people get on one day (not weekend) during the week free entrance.

2014 they had a 2 week festival to celebrate the 10th anniversary, that was close to not be permitted, but in the end they got it.


“Taiwanese shoppers tend to make the majority of online purchases through Chinese platforms such as Taobao, which does not help Taiwan’s economy.”



Sadly, I know what you are quoting:

Among innumerable badly written editorials, this one still stands out.



Yes good article if accurate.

Interesting facts from that editorial:

  • average monthly starting salary for people in their thirties was NT$25,930, but 41.76 percent of their salaries was used to pay off debt
  • this can’t be right>>“unless sharing:
    the average monthly rent for a modest one-bedroom apartment within a short distance of downtown… NT$18,982.46 in downtown Taipei”
  • Is this an international accepted idiom? “so that they can keep up with the Joneses”


I think it’s a live event that is done simultaneously in places in Europe, Asia, and America (Mexico) Therefore the permission to run it into the wee hours.


Indeed. With their salaries, they buy everything on credit card…And pay minimum. Hence, financial kaput.

Keeping up with the Joneses is more of a universal malaise.


I’m sorry, no. I’m with Belgian Pie here. It’s a terrible article, with ridiculous leaps and claims.

And if you think it’s “good,” then this really does deserve to be in the “Whack Things in Taiwan” thread! : D



Misread your comment, thought you were saying it’s good among the bad. I like it if it’s accurate.

What am I missing? Other intent?


My point is that this editorial sucks—it throws together a pile of claims and assertions as if everything lined up. Check out this conclusion:

The government should do more to discourage people from purchasing habits that lead to the accumulation of excessive debt, while working harder to raise salaries across all industries.

To quote the great Belgian Pie: Huh?!?



i really wish i didn’t read Taiwanese posts on facebook. somebody left a post about a group of dogs chasing them, which yeah, isn’t nice. but every post is saying something bad about them being black dogs, kick them, get someone to kill them or get Vietnamese laborers to eat them.

how about we get some first world country laws to prevent people dumping dogs in the mountains, letting un neutered dogs run around where they like making more dogs and a bunch of other things that could easily prevent this bollocks. and i really find it hard to believe in this day and age that people still think a dog is bad because its black.
i saw a woman in the MRT station pulling away her child in fear at a black…labrador guide dog for a blind person that was walking past. what an embarrassing person.