Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


Portable toilets like this. I like the directional markers for feet. Could of used those directions years ago. Finally solved the riddle.


Taking pictures of toilets.


There was a piece of news this weekend about a little girl that dropped dead after being chased by a dog. The dog of course and its owner were being blamed. The strange fact that a 8 year old ran when she was confronted by the dog every day in her route to school, and more importantly, how and why she died, is left unanswered. It is the dog’s fault, everyone insists. Even though the girl does not have a scratch on her.


Terrible sad news. An autopsy is needed. Sounds like an underlying health issue or perhaps something more sinister by someone who knows the locals believe it is possible to be frightened to death. I’ve seen people turn down common eye surgeries done by the best surgeons in Taiwan for their children because they deeply believe the fear is worse for a person than the possibility of blindness.


The child’s mother is from SEA. Undiagnosed heart conditions are common, but still it is very strange, as the girl is seen on video running. Maybe she fell, hurt her head.

As to surgeries, it is also unfortunately common for children to die on the operating table, I am told. An acquaintance kid went in to have a molar removed…did not come out alive. People are very distrustful of anesthesia and painkillers in general, but sleeping pills are prescribed a bit too generously, me thinks.


She sure is dedicated


She had scratches on her elbows, knees and chin from falling down.


But no bites?

Actually, I did not go to work today and I am relying on tv news, haven’t read the newspaper account.

A horrible weird happening.


Can you add the link to the story?


I would have to search. I watched it on 3 different channels.


There you go:

Her father died in an accident. Mother remarried and girl lived with stepfather and little brothers. Mom insists her kid had no heart condition. No signs of trauma found.


This story doesn’t make sense. There’s a human involved that’s found a good scapegoat that can’t talk. Terrible sad story.


ah it makes sense now why so many people are anti dogs right now. just popped to 7 11 and one woman had a big dog, the rest of the people were literally queuing on the other side of the shop, cowering in fear.

as for that girl, sounds like somewhat of a freak accident. the owner and the dog will be blamed ( not that the owner is without blame for letting their dog roam the streets) is the govt not to blame here? why should pets be left to roam the streets when they are multiplying, shitting, barking at people (hey its what dogs do) and potentially chasing children due to irresponsible half wit owners. what do people think will happen when there is jack shit in place to prevent this.


Not really roaming, dog was patrolling and defending his territory, meaning the shop and house where he lives. Strange indeed this was the girl’s usual route in the one km separating her home and school. Still no explanation on why the girl died.

Many people run away from dogs big and small, kids often bark at dogs and yet we do not have that many instances say of dog bites. Moreover, kids are taught to fear dogs regardless of size.

In the old country, we have attacks by guard dogs frequently and many children die when bitten by family guard dogs. We are talking rotties and other heavy, big animals. We also have dog fights and small dogs are often kidnapped to be used as bait. Hence, people do not walk dogs outside. Dogs spend their lives indoors, either as guards or pampered neurotic pets.

One channel did point out that when confronted, people should not run.


You mean here?

I am anti-dogs. Actually I am just anti-pets in general. They are so annoying.


This Local Eastdrinkswest advertisement popped up on Instagram today. I like the place for drinks sometimes. The ad not as much.

  • A pickle
  • A lot of people trying to share a mini Mexican looking snack
  • An awkward creepy moment as guy tries to talk to some girls but they aren’t having it
  • Beers


Some ass**hijo de $#!!%&%& just dumped his pet crocodile in front of the prime minister’s office. A full grown, two meter in lenght, yellow belly, spotted sides, thrashing pet crocodile.


Taiwan has a prime minister? Now that’s news!



I am so upset. I saw the poor animal thrashing out in thsi heat like two hours ago. It is still there, I am told. WhiskyTango *****. :sob:


Why not go over there and feed it some fish and give it some water from your two hands?

Sure be friendly, right?