Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


Looks like an anti-theft device from Ross.

Poor husband thinks some Neihu psycho wants to kidnap her. Does anyone have the heart to tell him?


At convenience stores, “girly” girls staff tend to talk more and say thank you. The “boyish” (dike) girls staff tend to just throw the money and receipt in your hand and that’s it.

This is of course proven fact based on real science.


My cable remote was not working so I took it to their office. They told me I put the wrong batteries. Look, it says here you have to use normal batteries. I had bought brand name ALKALINE batteries. Now the remote was broken. They said alkaline batteries leak and indeed, the brand new ones had leaked.

We have hereby also solved the mystery of the gas water heaters. Those cannot take alkaline batteries either.


That’s some whack-ish yet useful information.


in this picture he looks like he’s modeling luggage… you can probably fit three or four kids in there.


And, he needs to trim his fingernails.


I’m kind of curious about the advertisement in the corner.


Plus it helps make it look like he stepped out of a catalog.


Wife told me about this as well. Nutter.
If he did this to my kid he would be in a bad way, I wouldn’t be depending on the police to do anything.


Just to provide some extra bit of information:
Some household devices, especially those who requires low current (such as remote control, flashlight and alarm clocks), tend to use batteries all the way to complete battery death.
They keep working for a long time, and you don’t notice until is completely stopped and dead.
Alkaline batteries, as well as carbon-zinc batteries, will start leaking as soon as this occurs.
So, if you leave the battery in a extra week, or if the battery was cheap and crappy since the beginning, there may be leaks before it’s even dead, which will damage the device.


That is the thing. The cheap and no name batteries are the ones they recommend for this. 35 NTD tops. I usually buy brand name ones, almost 100 NTD a pack, and those are the ones that are NOT supposed to go there.

As to the leaking, I had just changed the batteries because the remote started acting funny. Alas, they say I killed it. Not so sure. *I changed from no name to Kirkland, which I thought was also like cheapo. Alas, they are alkaline too.

However, I do believe there must be some funny interaction between the metal in the devices and the alkaline batteries.




People still buy non-rechargeable batteries?


Watch the fight of the century, as mother otter chases away a wild macaque intruding upon her family home at Taipei Zoo:


Guy walking in front of me. Back of his t-shirt: “Testicular Fortitude”

He had huge balls to wear that shirt…


It’s a WWE merchandise T-Shirt from Mick Foley’s wrestling days…Haven’t seen anyone in TW wear that…ones I saw were of Cena, Brock, Rock or Triple H.

Testicular Fortitude


So it wasn’t really that “Taiwan whack”, I guess. :slight_smile:


This happens very often in Taiwan, actually. Remember the Daan alligator, anyone?

The turtle will stay in a Yunlin protective facility until it is transferred to a learning center, zoo, or natural habitat, however it will not return to the pond when it is refilled in Sept., according to the Bureau Chief, Huang Yu-lin (黃玉霖). Since the giant turtle is carnivorous, and some of the park’s ducks have gone missing, officials feel he should be removed.



So, same thing just happened in the US, but the perp is in jail unlike the pervert here in Taiwan!

Even little girls in the US are brave enough to fight back!


I don’t know why, but this strikes me as whack. I think maybe because most places don’t designate a noun to describe “foreigners”, they describe the action of the people like “foreign visitors”, or tourists, or visitors with a foreign passport, or something.

And the words “only for foreigners” really irks me even though I can take advantage of that or not.