Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


I guess coconut husks are better for the environment than plastic or glass bottles.


WTF zhongxiao donglu looks like it’s burning down with all the baibai burning money.

There should be a law to put up a flag or something to let people know you’re burning before you stumble right on it and breathe it all in.


Riding a Gogoro scooter loaded with ghost money to pollute the air.


Don’t want to be argumentative but probably not in reality because of the amount of energy it would take to transport them (being very heavy ) and run and maintain that machine . But yeah they are at least biodegradable. I also saw them around town.


You can’t smoke in lots of places and vehicles have pollution controls but you can openly burn paper releasing massive clouds of smoke on the nation’s busiest streets and beside kids playgrounds . If you complain about it or tell them put a lid on it they look at you like what’s your problem ?
Dumb dumb dumb.


Burning money at temples…even my wife who complains about this practice still burns money at a temple. The “risk” of trouble for not paying reverence to some gods is just too high to not try to appease them by burning paper money.


Whack Things Taiwanese do outside Taiwan


The phone chargers in the toilet still kind of throw me off. What are people supposed to do sit on the toilet for 20 or 30 or 40 minutes and let their phone so no one else can go to the toilet what I’m lost


Am I overthinking and does anyone else notice this? Everywhere I go the tables are far away from the chairs. I don’t know why but I’m thinking it’s maybe because it’s easier to bend your body over and slurp up noodles. And it’s become common everywhere.

I move mine.


I’ve noticed the tables, I move them too, no idea what that’s about aside from noodle slurping angle physics, or just general laziness. I’m guessing staff move them out to clean and then people can’t be bothered to move them back.

I have yet to see phone chargers next to toilets, where are those? Still, what a terrible idea; there are already enough phone zombies here sitting on toilets forever while they play video games and prevent those of us who actually need to drop the kids off at the pool to do so in a timely manner.


Surely the time the tables are like that because it’s easier to push it away when standing up, and to be honest it’s easier to sit down this way as well.


A strangely large amount of Taiwan wannabe model photos that girl’s post on their “I love me” social media, seem to be done in hotel rooms.

I could post pictures but most people have probably seen them. Feel free if you like.


You mean the LiveMe thing? What’s up with these ads being on the bus? Looks like one step away from public advertisement for LiveJasmin…


Holy crap.
This morning on the way in, I saw this lady pushing a stroller.
And it had a friggin baby in it!
I was going to tell her something happened to her dog, but she was too far away.

I sure hope everything’s OK with her.


Fucked up world we be livin’ in brah.


Maybe that was just a hairless breed.


Fa fa fa fa
Fa fa fa fa fa fa fa
Better run run run
Run away




It didn’t even have four legs and stupid booties on its feet ?

What’s wrong with these people !


Note to self:
Maybe you shouldn’t listen to Talking Heads at work if you don’t want the CEO to catch you head banging, Einstein.