Whack Things in Taiwan 2018


In all the years (15years+) that I go to my GP he wrote me one prescription, because he didn’t have the meds at that time and I had to wait a few days, so he wrote a prescription. I always get my meds from my GP.


They own the next door pharmacies, it’s just an extra step they added to avoid legislation.


You live in some backwoods in the middle of nowhere.

OK, in Taipei there are three types of drug stores. One type only fills doctors’ prescriptions, they’ll usually be next to a doctor’s office and may have a direct computer connection. It won’t sell any drugs OTC except for, well, OTC drugs. One other type will sell you all kinds of shit both OTC and what should be prescription meds but a blind eye is turned. Viagra, for example, is a prescription med, but if you mime a man with a floppy willy they’ll happily put some lead in that pencil. They can also fill prescriptions. Back in the day these guys would sell you opium tinctures, caffeine pills, any antibiotics, valium, lithium, xanax, zoloft etc. etc. Now they still might but all bets are off.

The third type is a variety store that sells some OTC drugs, some TCM drugs, some snake oil, some organic healthfood crap, plus lots of other cosmetics, toys and shit.


because they’re Taiwanese?


Kind of…
It’s “buy one, get one free” day!


depends how loosely you define “food”, I guess.


Talking about questionable food, I just had the remains of the week? month? from our cafeteria downstairs. Not even cop eye candy for desert. :sob:


I just pictured a laughing pharmacist shooting a white dude in the groin.


image Buy one get one free


That’s Taiwan, buy-on-get-one culture.


Never failed to work when I was doing a sales promotion, doesn’t even matter what product .


Apparently bthe BigMacs are sold out. McDonald’s has just announced that ALL varieties of burgers are 2 for one until 11pm tonight.
Not Whack, just relaying a PSA.
If I WAS in TW I would be down for a couple McShrimps, though.
McShrimp…WTF? THAT is whack.


If anyone lives near Qizhang, there is a food truck doing all things shrimp: fried shrimp, shrimp sandwiches, etc.


Never seen that…


so many cool truck vendors here. pizza and roast duck were my faves… i only see them around once in a blue moon though. rare dinners.


They are on web and can check daily locations.


Welcome tricked me into buying this by putting it next to the register. Now I don’t know what to do with it. Is it a snack? Are you supposed to cook with it? Is it pet snacks?


Make soup, it’s kelp (seaweed) it says in English. It should be printed on the back label.


So you don’t just munch on it huh like a snack?


Nope. You make soup with it, add some miso, tofu and green onions and you have yourself a healthy and nutritious breakfast.